National Stationery Week: The Importance of Writing Things Down…

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when working from home, especially when you are trying to adapt to your new working style and a completely new working environment. As part of ‘Make a note Monday’ for National Stationery Week, we thought we would take you through why writing notes is as important as ever when working from home.

Helps clear your mind

Focusing on one task at a time when working from home can be difficult, especially when you have so many new distractions. Between communicating with colleagues more frequently to everyday at home distractions, your mind can be elsewhere. Making notes at the beginning of each day can help set your daily tasks and clear your mind ready to start the working day. Here are some effective ways to clear your mind by note taking:

Keeping yourself motivated  

Finding motivation when working from home can be a challenge. Being able to review your notes daily and keep track of what you’re working on will help you stay motivated throughout the day. Another great way to stay motivated through note taking is making a daily checklist and ticking off completed tasks. There’s no better feeling than ticking off every task on your list.

 Being able to visualise your success throughout the day

Right now, more than ever it’s so important to take one day at a time – celebrate those small achievements within your working day & bring a positive energy to your note taking – whether you like to bullet point, use colour or prefer mind mapping, each way of notetaking is visual & personal to you. Being able to visualise your work and notes can help each task seem a lot more achievable and even motivate you to get the task done quicker.

It’s important to remember to put pen to paper and take notes even in today’s digital times. Not only does note taking help you concentrate on set tasks, it enables you to think clearly and keep you motivated to get more work done!

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