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Unlike Safety Footwear, which offers protection from impacts and punctures, Occupational Footwear is heavily focused on other risks in the workplace, such as slips, trips or falls.

In an environment where the risks are deemed to be slipping with no mechanical or impact risks such as as Food Manufacturing applications, Restaurants, or Healthcare environments, then Occupational Footwear conforming to EN 20347:2012 is the preferred option.

Understanding Features & Markings

Having an understanding of the features and benefits of different styles of Occupational Footwear is crucial when deciding on your footwear choice for your working environment.

The Difference Between Men & Women’s Feet

Men and women require purpose fit footwear.

In all there are 11 significant differences in women’s lower limbs compared with male anatomy; 2 calf, 5 ankle and 4 foot shape variables.

What is the H.E.R.T?

Hazard – Are you working with Water, Oil? Chemical Splash? Risk of Fatigue?
Environment – Are you working in a potentially wet environment?
Risk – Are you at risk from Slipping,Tripping, or Falling?
Task – Are you Driving? Walking?

Did you know…


Non Fatal Injuries

In 2021/22, 18721 non fatal injuries were reported as a result of a slip, trip, or fall on the same level.


Injuries Resulting in Days off

Over 10,800, of the 18721 non fatal injuries, resulted in the worker being off work for 7 or more days.


Ankle Injuries

In 2021/22, 5853 ankle injuries to employees were reported.

Source: HSE

Standards & Markings


This is the safety standard for occupational footwear.

This standard indicates that the footwear style does not have a safety toecap, but is:

  • Antistatic, with a fully enclosed and energy absorbing heel
  • Water absorbent and penetration resistant
  • Cleated sole
  • Outsole is resistant to fuel oil
  • P – Penetration resistant midsole
  • E – Energy absorption of the heel region
  • WRU – Water repellent upper materials
  • WR – Waterproof
  • M – Metatarsal protection
  • S – Safety Toecap
Marking Slip Resistance On Minimum Coefficient of Friction For
Forward heel slip Forward flat slop
SRA Ceramic tile with 0.5% SLS solution

*SLS is Sodium: Lauryl Sulphate (soap)

0.28 0.32
SRB Steel with 90% glycerine 0.13 0.18
SRC Both of the above Both of the above on respective surfaces
  • HI – Offers insulation from heat
  • CI – Offers insulation from cold temperatures
  • HRO – Heat resistant outsole – resistant to hot contact up to 300oc
  • A – Anti-static footwear. An electrical resistance between 0.1 and 1000 megaohm [MΩ]
  • ESD – ESD footwear. An electrical resistance between just 0.1 and 35 megaohm [MΩ] when marked with EN 61340-4-3:2018
  • EH – Electrical Hazard footwear is classified with “EH” rating. This safety standard is designed to provide a secondary source of protection when accidentally coming in contact with unknown live electrical hazards to reduce the potential of electric shock.
  • Metal Free – Constructed of completely non-metallic components
  • Vegan – Constructed of completely animal free materials and derivatives
  • Ladies Fit – Ladies fit footwear
  • Wide Fit – Wide fit footwear

Occupational Footwear.

Made for Women.

Women working in Industry require fit for purpose footwear to work safely. As with PPE and Workwear, the consequences of not wearing or having access to suitable products can result in a number of shorter or long term health issues.

Working with trusted supply partners, we can offer a comprehensive range of Occupational Footwear for women.

Occupational Footwear Made for Women

Discover Occupational Footwear

Explore Occupational Footwear from Lyreco, supplied by some of the biggest brands across PPE & safety.

You’ll find a range of products marked as sustainable via our Sustainable Selection methodology. The selection methodology is assessed by SGS and based on 3 criteria – People at Work, Planet, and Community by Lyreco. By shopping these products, you’re making a more socially & ecologically responsible safety procurement option.

Our Safety Brands

Shoes for Crews

Waterproof Occupational Boots

All waterproof Occupational Boots across Lyreco are represented with the WR marking.

The use of waterproof Occupational Boots is common practice across a range of industries & sectors, both indoor and outdoor environments, such as; some food production, laboratories, hospitality, catering, healthcare, as well as some Emergency Service industries, such as Police or Ambulance.

Women’s sizing and styles available for a select range.

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Occupational Boots, Shoes & Trainers

Occupational Boots, Shoes & Trainers should always be considered when operating in indoor environments, such as; hospitality, catering, and healthcare in order to provide ankle protection from the relevant risks within that working environment – which do not include risk of impact to the toe.

Women’s sizing and styles available for a select range.

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Footwear Accessories

Discover our range of socks, insoles, and laces to better aid your footwear needs.

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With a wide range of services available, we can help reduce the effects of common podiatric ailments such as plantar fasciitis, foot and leg fatigue, achilles tendonitis and even back and knee pain.

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