Hand Protection

34 muscles, 27 bones.

48 named-nerves, 123 ligaments.

There are 34 muscles, 27 bones, 48 named-nerves, and over 100 ligaments in each hand – with 17,000 touch receptors and free nerve endings found in the palm of a human hand that pass on the vital sensations of pressure, vibration and movement.

Our hands are only protected by a thin layer of skin, fat and muscle, this makes the hands quite vulnerable. Hand protection in the workplace, especially against the threat of cut, chemicals, and other mechanical risks, is vital.

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Staysafe PPE

Staysafe laundering can break down the cell walls of bacteria, pathogens, and viruses. The agitation during the process also opens fibres up to sufficiently remove dirt and grease stains.


From user guides to technical specifications, explore our library of site safety resources, collated from the biggest and most trusted brands in PPE and safety.

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Estimated Skin Problems

The estimated number of new cases of self reported skin problems on average each year caused or made worse by work over the 5 years between 2017/18 – 2021/22.


Cases of Skin Disease

1019 new cases of work related skin disease in 2019.

Source: HSE

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