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Our goal is to provide a secure working environment for every individual, offering functional workwear and PPE equipment that caters to all genders and body types.

To accommodate the women in your workforce, providing a smaller men’s size might seem like a viable option, however, garments designed for men often lack the correct fit for women, hindering their ease of movement. Work clothes must be tailored to accommodate these differences. This is crucial not only for safety but also for comfort, as loose-fitting uniforms can pose risks, such as getting caught in equipment due to its loose fitting nature. Properly fitted apparel is paramount as it can mean the difference between a minor incident and a potentially serious accident.

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Our dedicated suppliers told us WHY they have taken a bold step towards creating workwear that fits.

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Did you know…


Construction Workforce

Women make up 15% of the total construction workforce, with the number steadily increasing year-on-year.1


New Entrants in Construction

37% of new entrants into the construction industry, who come from higher education, are female.1


Women's Issues with PPE Fit

A survey reveals that 80% of women have had issues with PPE not fitting correctly at some point in their career.2

1Source: HSE
2Source: Ground Engineering



Explore our extensive collection of trousers, tops, jackets, shorts, and various other workwear options tailored for women in the construction, service, logistics, and industrial sectors. We’ve consolidated all our women’s collections to simplify your search for the essentials needed to accomplish your tasks.

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High Visibilty Workwear

Lyreco’s range of High Visibility garments specifically designed for Ladies is supplied by Leo Workwear.

The range consists of Ladies fit High Visibility Waistcoats, Long and Short Sleeve Polo Shirts, Bodywarmers, Zip Sweatshirts, Softshell Jackets and Wet Weather breathable jackets, Polycotton and Recycled Polyester Stretch trousers, Waterproof Overtrousers, Maternity Trousers and Poloshirts, aswell as the Modesty Tunics mentioned in the Introduction.

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Women's High Visibility Workwear

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