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Job sites and work environments can often present a variety of risks from potential hazards, so taking precautions to ensure a safe working environment can help mitigate these risks for workers.

Our site safety offering comprises a range of safety equipment required for various working environments, including fall protection, spill safety, safety signage, and fire safety consumables, floor level safety and lockout tagout systems.

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Spill Hazards & Management

If your business handles hazardous liquids, it is essential that your organisation have an Emergency Spill Response Plan (ESRP) in place.

Safety Signage Self Audit Tool & Bespoke

Designed to help you take a walk around your premises and identify, manage, and reduce safety risks in the workplace.


PanicGo produce the technology needed to keep lone workers safe. The LINK by PanicGo has been developed with ease of use in mind, controlled by a hidden and discreet Bluetooth button to enhance safety and reduce costs.


From user guides to technical specifications, explore our library of site safety resources, collated from the biggest and most trusted brands in PPE and safety.

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Did you know…


Fatal Injuries in Construction

51% of all fatal injuries in construction were due to a fall from a height


Species at Risk of Extinction

According to Wildlife Trusts, rising pollution levels place 10% of freshwater and wetland species at risk of extinction.


Roads & Towns

Run-off from roads and towns containing pollutants, such as oil, is responsible for 18% of water pollution in England.

1Source: HSE
2Source: BBC

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