Creating Greener Workplaces

Creating greener workplaces

It would take a year for 58 acres of forest to consume the amount of carbon saved by consolidating 15,000 deliveries.

Lyreco delivery analysis

Achieving our green
and sustainability goals

Like Lyreco, our customers are striving to provide sustainable workplaces that support their wellbeing
as well as the planet’s. That’s Lyreco Goodness.

We take great pride in supporting businesses to achieve their green and sustainability goals.
To support our customers in adopting sustainable purchasing practices, we commit to:

Green alternatives

Develop green product alternatives that are easy to identify and select

Reducing emissions

Develop low-emission deliveries and encourage order grouping


Extend the collection of used items for recycling or re-use purposes

People at Work, Planet, and Community by Lyreco

In 2022, we launched our new Sustainable Selection by Lyreco, replacing our previous “Great For” and “Green Tree” criteria. This new assessment methodology is clearer and closer to our long-term sustainable strategy. This selection methodology will be assessed by SGS and based 3 criteria: People at Work, Planet, and Community by Lyreco.

Learn more about Sustainable Selection by Lyreco >


Recycling service

Effective recycling is an important part of the circular economy – giving new life to materials and products to reduce the impact on the earth’s natural resources and environments. Recycling is also a powerful activity in helping businesses become more sustainable.

Our recycling services include:

  • Ink and toner
  • 15-litre water bottles
  • Nespresso Professional Coffee Capsules
  • Shredding and secure document destruction
  • Old catalogue recycling.

Reducing packaging

Packaging plays an important role. It protects the quality of our products and allows them to be stored, transported and used safely. Unfortunately, packaging also uses valuable resources and generates waste when not recycled.

Our Responsible Packaging Policy specifies actions to be implemented across the whole organisation and in all subsidiaries to reach this goal. We commit to reducing packaging use and ban non-recyclable plastic packaging for any product by 2025.

  • Reduce packaging size and quantity
  • 100% plastic packaging recyclable, reusable and compostable
  • 100% plastic packaging effectively recycled, reused and composted
  • 25% of our plastic packaging will come from recycled plastic content by 2025.

Consolidation of delivery

We analysed 15,000 of our deliveries of under £100 and found that consolidation of deliveries could reduce the associated carbon emissions by 58%.

Companies are looking for long-term strategies to decrease their carbon footprint and increase their green credentials. We’re working with our customers to consolidate their deliveries to help us both reduce the carbon footprint of the supply chain – where so much of a product’s footprint lies.

It would take a year for 58 acres of forest to consume the amount of carbon saved by consolidating 15,000 deliveries.

90% of the carbon footprint of a company is held in its supply chain. Before consolidation, the majority of carbon in the supply chain was split between freight (44%) and fixed assets (28%).