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The head is one of the most vulnerable parts of the human body. Different external physical influences can not only damage the skin and bones, but also the brain and its vital functions.

Head & Face protection can eradicate a lot of the risk of head injuries. Discover our carefully selected range to provide the best coverage and protection to your head & face, including; Safety Helmets, Browguards & Visors, Helmet Systems, and Bump Caps.

Type of Hard Hat

Always consider your environment and use case. We supply bump camps – for internal use, safety helmets, and integrated lens protection that meet a range of safety standards for use in variety of working environments.

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Hard Hat Material

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is the most common plastic used to make hard hats, and is minimum standard of safety helmet material. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is a thermal plastic and provides good impact and chemical resistant, whilst being more lightweight and offering enhanced protection over the minimum standard.

Safety Helmet Standards

Our safety helmet range is compliant to European Norm standards EN397, EN50365, and EN12492 where applicable.

Did you know…


Head Injuries

of head injuries accounted for were reported as fatal injuries in the UK workplaces in 2021/2022.


Non-Fatal Injuries

11% of non-fatal injuries in 2021/2022 were as a result of a moving, flying, or falling object.


Head Protection Procurement

Head protection accounts for around 3% of PPE purchases but is responsible for around 15% of incidents.

Source: HSE

Standards & Markings


All of our safety helmets conform to EN 397, the industrial safety helmet standard. This is the longest standing industrial standard for safety helmets, and testing includes: 

  • Impact test – 49J impact onto the crown of the helmet
  • Conical Striker – 3kg conical impact from a 1 metre height 

Electrically insulating helmets, tested to 10,000 volts, for use in low-voltage installations. 


ISO 80079-36 & CEI/TS 60079-32-1 is optional testing and certification to ensure you can use helmets in ATEX areas. When working in an ATEX area, operatives must be fully equipped with appropriate PPE eg. Dissipative shoes (earth resistance less than 1.108Ω), not just suitable industrial helmets.


The mountaineering standard, and testing includes: 

  • Hemispherical Striker – 5kg dropped from 2 metres onto the crown of the helmet 
  • Flat Striker – Tilting the helmet 30 degrees and dropping from 0.5 metres, testing the front, rear, and side of the helmet.

Relates to bump caps only, with all Lyreco supplied bump caps meeting this standard. Testing includes: 

  • Flat Steel Striker – 5kg impact to generate 12J of force 
  • Penetration Testing – 0.5kg conical striker impact on the bump cap shell 

Discover Head & Face Protection

Explore Head & Face Protection from Lyreco, supplied by some of the biggest brands across PPE & safety.

You’ll find a range of products marked as sustainable via our Sustainable Selection methodology. The selection methodology is assessed by SGS, and based on 3 criteria – People at Work, Planet, and Community by Lyreco. By shopping these products, you’re making a more socially & ecologically responsible safety procurement option.

Our Safety Brands

Delta Plus

Safety Helmets

Safety Helmets are designed to provide complete protection to the worker from strong head impact, electric injuries, and injury penetration, which can be caused by falling of heavy objects. All of our Centurion and JSP helmets are UK manufactured. 

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Safety Helmets

Safety Helmet with Integrated Lens Protection

Our Safety Helmet with integrated lens protection are fully compatible with prescription eyewear, with the lens protection conforming to EN166FT, the same standards as our safety eyewear.

With the safety helmet also meeting EN397 standards, this configuration is popular within the construction environment, due to its use-case flexibility. Our JSP Evo Guard M3 Forestry systems are integrated with mesh eye and face protectors. 

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Safety Helmet with Integrated Lens Protection

Browguards & Helmet Systems

Browguards provide comprehensive facial coverage without limiting movement, and can offer enhanced coverage with an integral chin guard.

Our Forestry Systems are complete with mesh and face protectors to protect the wearer in a multitude of high risk working environments. 

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Browguards & Helmet Systems

Bump Caps

Only for use indoors, bump caps are often utilised in the automotive industry or a warehouse environment and offer low-level impact protection.

Bump Caps should not be used in environments where there are falling or thrown objects and should not be used where a safety helmet required. All of our Bump Caps conform to EN812. 

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Bump Caps

Helmet Accessories

Discover our range of helmet accessories, including universal helmet fleece liner, face screen carrier and clip-on face screen and, adjustable chin straps.

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Helmet Accessories


Head Protection

Working with our branded head protection suppliers, Lyreco can offer high-quality permanent bespoke branded head protection for the workplace. Choose your style of helmet, colour, and area for logo printing. Select from front, back, sides, or any combination.

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Branded Head Protection

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