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Lyreco is more than just a workplace solutions company. We partner with our customers to drive performance, from savings to sustainability.

Workplace Solutions

Workplace Solutions

Office Supplies

At Lyreco we understand that the needs of a modern office are changing. That’s why we are constantly improving our product range to reflect those needs. Whether you’re just looking for a reliable office paper supplier or a full desk refresh, Lyreco has a comprehensive office supplies range to make your life at work simple.

Our range covers more than nine categories including paper, books and pads, writing and correction, office organisation, desk stationery, document presentation, filing, packaging and mailing as well as labels, signage and identification. With over 4,000 products to choose from, Lyreco is your one-stop-shop for office supplies.

Writing and correction

Books and pads



Office Technology

As the business environment changes to embrace the digital world, Lyreco strives to provide you with only the very best office technology and hardware to ensure you can stay connected and manage your day-to-day work life.

Our range covers everything from high-quality multifunctional printers with a wide selection of inks and toners through to GDPR-compliant shredders, privacy filters and storage drives. We also provide computer and smartphone accessories, keyboards and mice sets, batteries, meeting room projectors, cables and so much more: ensuring your office is geared up for success.

For more health-conscious offices we also supply a wide range of ergonomic equipment from basic wrist supports, to monitor stands right through to full sit-stand desk solutions. Working with the best brands in the industry, Lyreco is at the forefront of the office ergonomic health revolution.

Ink & toners

Computer accessories



Managed Print Services

Our print offering was born from feedback from our customers who wanted a different way of managing their day-to-day printing. The team is made up of dedicated and skilled print professionals, supporting our key offerings of Managed Print Services and Outsource Print.

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DSE assessments

Many UK workers have to use display screen equipment (DSE) regularly (if not continually) to complete tasks. However, inappropriate use of DSE and poorly designed workspaces can cause issues for users, such as fatigue, eye strain and backache. This has a major impact on businesses, increasing the likelihood of illness, reducing productivity and harming staff retention rates.

Lyreco’s products and services support you in reducing work-related ill health by providing.

GDPR and data management solutions

At Lyreco, we specialise in delivering the best solutions for every workplace in the most sustainable way. We aim to provide you with everything you need, whether your workplace is the office, home, warehouse or call centre.

With the many other issues that the country has faced over the past few years, you may have missed the fact that the UK GDPR law has changed. However, staying on top of GDPR regulations is vital if you are to avoid facing hefty fines.

PPE and Safety Solutions

At Lyreco we know that effective PPE is critical to ensure the protection of your workforce and to comply with health and safety Health and Safety Legislation

Without personal protective equipment that is fit for purpose, work in any industrial environment just isn’t safe. Lyreco will work with you to ensure that your workforce is fully protected from head to toe against workplace hazards so that your teams can continue to work safely.

Catering supplies

Our catering range includes kitchen cleaning supplies, disposable catering equipment, soft drinks, water and coolers, hot drinks, milk, sugars, hot drinks machines, sweets and confectionery. We also offer a range of sustainable items and recycling services…

Nespresso® Professional Coffee Solutions

As a business Lyreco are proud to exclusively partner and supply Nespresso® Professional coffee solutions to the office environment. We offer a range of professional machines to suit your needs and a selection of coffee varieties to suit every palate.  

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Hygiene and cleaning solutions

We carry more than 1,400 cleaning and catering products, so you can access a range of leading suppliers in the industry. We’re also CHSA-accredited and carry products in line with BICS colour coding for ease, compliance and the peace of mind that brings. 

Our 20 in-house hygiene specialists are on hand to provide specialist support on environmental and innovative hygiene products. Our specialists are selected for their hygiene experience in complementary sectors from service providers to manufacturers. They are trained by our ‘A Suppliers’ and source further specialist knowledge support from our supplier network as required.

Furniture & ergonomic solutions

At Lyreco we understand the benefits of providing your workforce with a comfortable and modern work environment to ensure they are able to produce their best work. This is why we have put together a range of office furniture solutions that are ideal for any business.

Our range includes ergonomic office chairs to provide comfort and stability to any user along with stylish tables and desks for your workforce to make their own. We also provide sturdy shelving units, secure storage and filing cabinets as well as a comfortable meeting room and visitor furniture to ensure that any visitor to your business feels at home.

Workplace Recycling Services

We understand that today’s businesses should have a positive and sustainable impact on the planet. That’s why we’re great believers in providing recycling solutions to support a responsible approach to the workplace.

Lyreco offers recycling services for a range of products to help you reach your own sustainability goals.

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