Floor Level Safety – Matting

Helping to

Reduce Fatigue

Within any number of work environments from a heavily trafficked airport to greasy catering kitchens or oily engineering workshops, Safety Matting works to support the safety and wellbeing of users.

What to Consider

It is estimated that around half of the UK employed population are on their feet for most of their working day. Standing on unprotected, hard, cold concrete or tiled floors can has been assocatied with a long list of problems, including musculoskeletal (MSK) pain and injuries, fatigue, slips, trips and falls.

Slips, Trips & Falls

Slips and trips are a frequent occurence in the workplace, and the consequences can be significant.
In conjunction with Lyreco’s chosen Safety Matting partner Blue Diamond our customers can select from a large range of slip resistant flooring products, that will provide protection against slips and trips on stairs, walkways, pavements and platforms.

Did you know…


Non Fatal Injuries

30% of non fatal injuries reported to HSE in 2022 were slips, trips and falls at the same level.1


Major Injuries

40% of all major injuries reported to the HSE were caused by slips and trips.1


3 Day Absence Injuries

80% of major and over 3 day absence injuries in the food and drink industry are due to slips alone.2

1Source: HSE
2Source: Blue Diamond

Standards & Markings


Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 – Regulation 12 – requires floors to be suitable, in good condition and free from obstructions. People should be able to move around safely.

Discover Floor Safety Matting

Explore Floor Safety Matting from Lyreco, supplied by one of the biggest brands across PPE & safety.

Our Safety Brand

Anti Fatigue Matting

Anti-fatigue mats are designed to make anyone standing on them ‘sway’ slightly. This swaying sensation encourages the calf and leg muscles to make subtle adjustments to maintain balance. These very small but continuous adjustments ensure the blood is always moving, which reduces the risk of developing pain and fatigue.

Our partner brand’s floor mats are designed and tested to provide different degrees of fatigue relief for different environments. The matting is graded in a ranking system on its anti-fatigue properties, slip resistance and wear resistance, allowing our customers to identify the most appropriate product for a particular workplace.

Please contact your Lyreco Intersafe Business Development Manager for more information.

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Anti Fatigue Matting

Decontamination Matting

Making sure your workplace does not get contaminated with dust or debris is a must in many industries particularly in; Aerospace, Laboratories, Pharmaceutical, Specialist Manufacturing.

Working with Blue Diamond, Lyreco can offer assistance with this potential contamination issue thanks to the Blue Diamond Sticky Step Plastic Tack Mat.

Sticky step plastic is a contamination control mat formed of 30 adhesive layers. Dust and dirt are effectively captured on the anti-microbial surface when foot-traffic or equipment wheels pass over it into the controlled environment. The layers can be easily peeled off to reveal a new clean surface, which is ideal for maintaining a clean room and laboratory standards. The bottom layer adheres to any clean, floor surface, helping to reduce the risk of the mat slipping, helping to prevent an additional hazard in a slip, trip, or fall.

Decontamination Matting

Anti Slip Matting

Anti-slip surfacing or raised duckboards can eliminate risks of slips, trips, and falls by keeping feet off wet, slippery floors. Slips, trips, and falls can result in the breakage of delicate items and tools – which can be costly and troublesome to clean up. Matting can be utilised to protect both floors and equipment.

Lyreco are delighted to feature Blue Diamond Tuff Tile, Rubber Rib, Cushion Link and Greenkeeper Mats in our range to support our customers mitigate the risks of Slips and Trips within their workplace.

Anti Slip Matting

Anti Slip Tape

Diamond Grip General Purpose is a self-adhesive anti slip tape for slip protection in medium duty domestic and commercial environments, such as steps and walkways.

Along with possessing excellent grip levels the safety-grip is waterproof and can be used inside or out.

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Anti Slip Tape