How We’re Doing It

Sustainability begins at home

Lyreco Goodness means doing the right thing

We know there’s a lot to be done to reverse the damage to our planet as well as to help build better workplaces and communities for people. And we want to lead by example.

We don’t just help businesses achieve their sustainability goals with green products. We don’t just help organisations look after their people with DSE assessments and the equipment to support wellbeing. We practise what we preach – that’s Lyreco Goodness.

Here’s what we’re doing…


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Carbon reduction

Lyreco’s most significant energy-saving and carbon-cutting initiatives began back in 2011. Since then, we’ve met our yearly carbon reduction target every year since 2015. 

In March 2021, we were proud to announce that Lyreco’s 22 UK sites became energy carbon-neutral. This was achieved by cutting CO² emissions by 57% since 2010. This is estimated to be the equivalent of 11,000 tonnes of carbon. 

We achieved energy carbon neutral for all Lyreco sites at the end of 2020 though not did not achieve the same target for 2021.


Energy carbon neutrality

Since 2019, we have purchased REGO-certified electricity for all 22 sites. This means that the amount of energy we use from the grid is matched by a renewable energy source managed by our suppliers. This follows the installation of 13,860 solar panels at our site in Telford in 2015. In 2021, we generated 2.8 million kWh of green energy. 

As well as using greener energy, we are also using less energy. In 2020, we switched all 55,000 square metres of lighting at our Telford HQ to LEDs, reducing the power used on lighting by 49%.


Lyreco relies on its own logistics network to deliver to customers across the UK, so a key part of emissions reduction has been our approach to transport. This includes:

  • Improved vehicles
  • Route optimisation
  • Consolidation of customer orders
  • Training courses in advanced efficiency driving
  • The installation of 330 video telematics systems that monitor and assist drivers to navigate their journeys more safely and efficiently
  • Our electric-only fleet in the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in London
  • Signing up to the Clean Van Commitment which aims to make city deliveries zero emissions by 2028.

Since 2013, Lyreco has reduced fuel consumption by over 24% per delivery.

Lyreco Van Fleet

Carbon footprint calculator

How do we measure our carbon footprint? Our current method for assessing carbon emissions was established in 2010 as part of the former Eco-Future CSR strategy 2012-2018. Progress is measured using the bespoke Lyreco Carbon Footprint Calculator – adopted by all our subsidiaries.

Based on the international standard ISO 14064, the Lyreco Carbon Footprint Calculator takes into account:

Scope 1

Direct emissions from owned or controlled sources

Scope 2

Indirect emissions from the generation of purchased energy

Scope 3

Any other indirect emissions from sources not directly controlled by the company: Movement of People (employee business travel) and Direct Waste (waste disposal)

Green initiatives

As well as these corporate initiatives, we like to get hands-on when it comes to helping the planet – especially if it means we can get close to nature.


We’ve created a sustainable eco-garden in partnership with Shropshire Wildlife Trust and the Business Environmental Support Scheme for Telford (BESST), at Lyreco’s head office in Telford.


Since 2016, we installed several beehives outside the Telford head office to support and maintain Telford’s ecosystem and bee population. Since 2016, our bees have produced over 225kg of honey which was sold back to employees, with all proceeds being donated to support Lyreco For Education.

Plastic reduction

By 2025, Lyreco will have banned all single-use plastics from all our offices. Our Telford site is single-use cup free since 2019. In addition, we have donated aluminium bottles to local walking groups to encourage the use of reusable bottles and the reduction of single-use plastic.

Bird boxes

From waste pallets generated in our warehouse, we engaged a local primary school to build bird boxes during the 2021 World Environmental Day Campaign. Out of the 15 boxes built, half were put up at the Telford site and the rest around the primary school site.

Lyreco wins prestigious sustainability in business award

It’s great to see the results of our strategy and practices in hard data, but we were particularly proud to be awarded the EcoVadis Gold in 2022.

Ecovadis is the world’s largest and most trusted independent provider of business sustainability ratings. The assessment covers the concrete actions and results achieved in the fields of environment, labour and human rights, sustainable procurement and ethics.

Culture is key

Lyreco Goodness means constantly working to reduce emissions to be as sustainable as we can be.

We’ve done well so far and we’re proud of what we’ve achieved, but there’s still work to be done.

We’re confident and optimistic about the future because Lyreco Goodness isn’t just about technology and initiatives: sustainability, charity and wellbeing runs throughout our culture. 

Read more about how we support our people and build a culture of wellbeing.

Carbon-neutral convention

In 2020 we held our first fully carbon-neutral convention where sustainability was the priority at every stage – from planning up to implementation. 

We provided everyone with wristbands made from recycled plastic, free reusable water bottles and switched to paperless event literature. We even took it a step further by offsetting the carbon of attendee travel to the event by planting trees in the West Midlands – resulting in the offset of 39t CO2. Planting also allowed us to contribute to the preservation of both the UK and Brazilian Amazon rainforest natural environment and biodiversity.

Lyreco Goodness Customer CSR Community in Practice

We are building a networking group to support our customers as they integrate sustainability and social responsibility into their business.

One of the aims of Community in Practice (CoP) is to share best practice and advice. This includes examples of how other organisations have implemented CSR initiatives as well as bringing in guest speakers from related industries to discuss specific topics.

If you would like to know more or want to join this community please email

Sustainability for our customers

Read about how we’re helping our businesses like yours build sustainable workplaces.