Having a positive and sustainable impact on the planet as a business is essential in today’s world. There are many ways you can do your bit as a business but a simple way you can make a big difference is by recycling.

With national recycling week upon us, we thought it would be perfect time to reflect on why recycling is important for your business and how we can make it easier for you.

Your corporate social responsibility

Demonstrating that you’re a business that takes an interest in wider social issues has many benefits. As a business you want to attract and retain customers, embracing your CSR policy to help reduce your carbon footprint and minimise waste production will show potential customers you’re an ethical company who cares about how your business affects the environment.  Recycling as a business is a small and simple step you can take to start reducing your business waste and become a greener, more environmentally aware company.

Improves employee engagement

Introducing policies that encourage your employees to recycle and be greener can help increase employee engagement. Employees will be proud to work for you, and proud to tell others about the great environmentally friendly things you do as a company. Keep your employees engaged and help improve their performance, work quality and overall employee retention.

Has a positive impact on the environment

As a business you get through a lot of waste every single day. From general waste, paper waste to food waste every UK business has an obligation to dispose of it responsibly and adequately. Adopting a business-wide recycling policy can be daunting and a big task to get started with, here at Lyreco we are great believers in the importance of circular economy and providing recycling solutions to support a full lifecycle approach to workplace solutions. We offer a wide range of recycling services from ink & toners, batteries to shredding & secure document destruction to help you reach your sustainability targets. Find out more information here.

if you want to start managing your waste effectively today, here are a few simple steps you can take on your own:

Become a more socially responsible company today by doing your bit, it only takes a simple step like recycling to make a big difference.

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