benefits of ergonomic mouse

5 Good Reasons to Use a Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

Have you considered the impact your current workstation setup is having on your physical health?

Are vertical mice better? Ergonomic devices are designed to work better with your body and limit the chances of strain and injury.

Being comfortable at your desk is important, especially if you’re working for long periods of time. Upgrading to an ergonomic mouse can result in instant physical improvements.

Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider making the switch:

1. No more pain and strain.

Using a vertical mouse means you no longer need to constantly move your arm or your hand. You don’t have to reach forwards or sideways to move the mouse or indeed the cursor. This means your shoulders remain relaxed and you maintain good posture.

2. It looks great whilst doing good.

Let’s face it, the vertical mouse is a stylish gadget with a design that’s set to impress, but most importantly the device improves ergonomics and employee wellbeing. There are options to suit every need; from wired and wireless connections, to left- and right-hand versions. So, if you think your desk is in need of an upgrade, the vertical mouse can be a brilliant addition for any user.

3.Easy to use

Switching over to a new piece of kit can be somewhat daunting at times, but with a short period of usage you will quickly benefit from improved comfort and efficiency. Many vertical mice feature programmable functions which make it a highly convenient product to use.

4.Brilliant for long working sessions

Working at a computer for extended periods can cause an incredible amount of body strain and tension, especially if your role involves excessive mouse use. With the reduced need for movement, you can work for extended periods and ease the strain which ultimately results in a more productive day.

5. Say goodbye to hand injuries

A conventional mouse forces the palm to turn down, which rotates the forearm inward and causes strain on the entire arm. In turn, repetitive movements and abnormal wrist positions predispose users to tendonitis. The centred mouse helps to eliminate harmful movements and poor posture, resulting in fewer injuries.

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