encourage wildlife and biodiversity in your local area

Can you do more to encourage wildlife and biodiversity in your local area?

As part of our Lyreco Goodness philosophy, we prioritise sustainability in everything we do. We’re always looking for ways to help our customers make better, more informed decisions that have a positive impact on the environment. Therefore, in today’s blog post, we’ll be sharing some simple and effective ways that you can encourage wildlife and biodiversity in your local area.

At Lyreco, we also believe in supporting our employees and ensuring their wellbeing is prioritised, which is why we have incorporated an eco-garden and self-watering gardening wall around our Head Office – providing our employees with a place to unwind whilst supporting our local biodiversity.

How can you help encourage wildlife and biodiversity in your local area?

1. Use a cardboard box as a home for hedgehogs, rabbits, gerbils and more!

Carboard boxes can be used to house a variety of wildlife, from hedgehogs to rabbits and even more. Why not use your Lyreco delivery box to house some local animals and encourage more wildlife in your local area? This could even be a fun little activity to do with your kids – carving a small door and windows to give local rabbits, or hedgehogs a luxury hotel!

2. Keep your garden weeds!

Although wild plants and garden weeds may not always give your

 garden the clean-cut finish you’re looking for, insects feed on these

 wild plants and therefore, you can encourage biodiversity in your workplace or personal garden. Simply by leaving a little wild patch
in the corner of your garden, you can attract caterpillars, butterflies,
and other wildlife!

If you didn’t want to compromise on aesthetic, you could always take your garden weeds and trimmings to existing wild-life areas or woodlands.

3. Start feeding the birds

You can purchase a bird feeder, which is relatively inexpensive but makes all the difference to your wider environment. Through incorporating a variety of seeds and feed, you can appeal to different birds and animals – contributing to the local biodiversity, encouraging the wellbeing of animals of all types.

4. Remove all chemicals from your garden

Harmful chemicals, from weed killers to insect repellents are damaging to both the environment and the local wildlife. By changing our perceptions on gardens from pristine spaces to natural habitats for insects and animals to thrive, we can make a real difference the wider environment.

5. Use leaves and logs to attract more wildlife

Similar to our first tip about collection garden weeds and trimmings, leaves and logs can also be great for attract toads, frogs, hedgehogs, and insects – ensuring your space is packed with wildlife of all kinds!


 6. Finally, you could introduce a small pond into your garden

Pond in landscape design.

Building a pond, no matter its size, into your garden can make a huge difference and boost local biodiversity, significantly. In a short period of time, you can expect everything from birds to insects visiting your pond! This tip can also be a great activity for those of you with children in your lives – imagine their little faces when they see new wildlife appearing from the comfort of their homes!

We hope that these tips have inspired you to consider doing a little more to support the local biodiversity in your area. Even small changes can make a massive difference to your community and environment.

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