How Lyreco can support your return to the workplace

In April 2020, 46% of people were working remotely, which translates to around 1.7 million people working from home during the pandemic. As restrictions and guidelines continue to relax, many employees will return to the workplace. If you’re one of those people who’s making the move, you may be feeling slightly apprehensive about what this new phase of working will look like, but fear not! Lyreco are here to help.

flexible working to stayIs flexible working here to stay?

As of last month, the government are considering making flexible working a ‘default option’, with the introduction of a new flexible working bill. If the bill is passed, this may mean employees have the right to flexible working from the first day of their employment, except in exceptional circumstances. Employers may also have to offer flexible working arrangements in employment contracts, and advertise what types of flexible working are available during the recruitment process.

But the real question is, how will this affect existing employees? With opportunities to cut down costs, and increase productivity, it’s likely that many workplaces will continue to allow staff to work from home, even once the pandemic has passed.

Preparing to return to your workplace

If your business is planning to transition back to the workplace, you may be asking yourself what needs to be done before you go back? We’ve created a simple checklist to ensure you’ve covered the basics, and can get back to business as usual, without the stress.

Office Stationery SuppliesEnsure you have enough supplies, so your return to the workplace is a smooth one.

With most businesses operating remotely, products such as office paper, stationery and printing supplies may be low in stock and need replenishing. Organisation is key here, so be sure to write an inventory, and double check that you have everything you need.

Using sanitiser in the office Create a sanitary workplace

With Hygiene and PPE being at the forefront of everyone’s minds, it’s imperative to make sure your workplace accommodates the needs of the post-pandemic world. Many members of staff will still be social distancing, and will appreciate things such as Perspex screens, desk dividers, hand sanitisers and masks, especially in communal spaces. Many workplaces will already have these things in place, however, should you need to restock or replace items, you can check out our Hygiene and PPE categories over on our easy-to-use Webshop.

Virtual MeetingsEncourage virtual meetings

Zoom, Teams and Google Hangout meetings have become an essential part of our working lives, but with colleagues returning to face-to-face environments, whilst others continue to work from home, it may be a good idea to continue meeting via video call! Be sure to check each member of staff has adequate technology to stay connected to the rest of the team, no matter where they’re working from. With Home and Next Day Delivery, you can guarantee both yourself, your team, and your workplace have everything you need, to have a great working day.

With a diverse range of workplace solutions, over 11,000 products across 18 categories, ranging from personal protective equipment, hygiene and hospitality, to general office products, furniture and ergonomics – Lyreco have everything you need to ensure your return to your workplace is as seamless as possible.

If you’d like to see our full range of categories, head on over to our Webshop by clicking here.