Introducing Change Please, one of our SSP Winners!

100% of ‘Change Please’ profits go into giving people experiencing homelessness a living wage job, housing, training, onwards opportunities – and a fresh shot at life.

Who is change please coffee?

Change Please is an award-winning social enterprise that ams to end homelessness through selling great-tasting coffee.

100% of Change Please profits helps people experiencing homelessness by training them to become baristas, supporting them with everything they need to turn their lives around – a living wage job, housing, therapy, bank accounts and onward employment opportunities…

It all stats with a cup of coffee!

what do change please coffee do?

Founded in 2015, Change Please is an award-winning social enterprise which aims to end homelessness through selling great tasting coffee. The company uses 100% of its profits from sales of coffee to train people experiencing homelessness to be baristas, helping turn their lives around.  ​

Change Please believes you shouldn’t have to sacrifice taste to help give back and its coffee has won multiple awards, including nine highly coveted ‘Great Taste Awards’. They have several coffee shops around the UK, in France and in the US. ​

The company is expanding year on year, helping even more people with each opening.

How do they do it?

Change Pleases’ business model puts employment first – their goal is to empower people experiencing homelessness to get back into the working world. Over the course of 1 week to 6 months training at the Change Please academy, trainees learn everything they need to find work in the hospitality industry – from roasting and latte art, through to customer service, time keeping and social skills.

Trainees are offered therapy sessions and the team works on improving their confidence and self-worth. They are paid a living wage, provided with housing and supported in other fields of interest. At the end of training, graduates are employed at a Change Please coffee shop or in one of its restaurant industry partners.​

Our training programmes last between 1 week and 6 months depending on how near to the jobs market a Trainee is. While people are with us, we support with mental wellbeing, housing, therapy, additional training, employability, interview and presentation skills. ​

All of this is to ensure that people are ready to work and have the resources to maintain employment and tenancies, lifting themselves into better lives.

I’m excited to be working with Change Please. I have known about the work that they do to support people who are impacted by homelessness for for a while. I’m excited that they have been onboarded on our support programme. Not only do they sell great coffee, but their scope of supporting people is also immense and industry changing.

Andrew Bryers, Head of Sustainability, Lyreco UK & Ireland

Some words from change please

We at Change Please are thrilled to partner with Lyreco in their innovative Supplier Support Programme. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey to combat homelessness through our business model. Lyreco’s recognition of our efforts in not just providing high-quality coffee, but also in driving substantial social change, is deeply appreciated. Their commitment to supporting enterprises that strive to make a real difference aligns perfectly with our mission. Together, we are set to broaden our impact and continue transforming lives, one cup of coffee at a time – Cemal Ezel, Founder of Change Please Coffee