Introducing It’s Our Planet Too – A 2023/24 SSP Winner

It’s Our Planet Too provide an award-winning selection of Eco Tool Kits, that aim to inspire children to love and care for the environment. ​

It’s Our Planet Too is all about eco fun for children, creating eco-education packs which are designed to engage children in fun whilst educating and connecting them with our planet. 

Who are it’s our planet too?

Imagine if every child grew up believing they had the power to protect our planet… That’s It’s Our Planet Too’s vision.​

It’s Our Planet Too is a children’s eco brand and a social enterprise. We’re on a mission to ignite a passion to protect our planet through play, encouraging small actions that make a big difference. By bringing the environment into playtimes, we teach our children the value of their planet and equip them to become little eco heroes, who are empowered to protect our incredible world.

What do It’s Our Planet Too do?

We have recently launched the UK’s first eco activity boxes for children – a Tool Kit For Eco Heroes. Each themed Tool Kit is packed with hours of sustainable fun activities to help children take action and save our environment. Each Tool Kit will help children learn about their favourite animals as well as some of the biggest issues facing our planet.​

Inside are exciting arts activities, cool science experiments and yummy recipes to try. We get children raiding the recycling box for creative crafts and junk modelling and give them plenty of ideas to get outside in nature. We also share inspirational stories of Earth’s heroes and fascinating facts plus much more. One of our customers described it as “Blue Peter in a box”!​

Our Tool Kits are 100% sustainable and plastic free and many of the tasks use materials already found in the home or even in the recycling box. They are aimed at families to explore and learn together, but the no-frills nature makes them suitable for schools to copy and share to bolster their own environmental education.

why do they do it?

The way we live today has an impact and we’re starting to see the repercussions in every corner of the globe. There are some big battles to fight – from climate change, to pollution, habitat destruction to declining biodiversity. Our world is changing and this can be scary. In fact, two thirds of British parents are afraid of the future for their children. ​

Talking about the state of our environment can be pretty gloomy, but we are determined to celebrate the solutions, rather than the problems. We focus on the positive; how amazing nature is, the things in our lives that we can control and the easy changes we can all make to look after our planet.​

It’s Eco Fun For Little People, because we know that children (and adults) learn best when they are having fun.

Having young children, the activities that are in the educational packs are wonderful to see my own children work through. They capture the minds and interests of children (and their adult helpers) and really bring to life the thought provoking, critical topics that face society. I look forward to seeing how more children learn through these packs through the support from our customers, especially in education. 

Andrew Bryers, Head of Sustainability, Lyreco UK & Ireland

SOME WORDS FROM it’s our planet too

We are incredibly proud that It’s Our Planet Too has been selected to be part of the Lyreco 2024 Supplier Support Programme (SSP). ​

​It’s an exciting step to see our eco activity kits – our Tool Kit For Eco Heroes – being included in Lyreco’s new education category offering, helping us to reach more little eco heroes and their educators!​

​This partnership emphasises our mutual commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. By joining forces, we have the power to create significant change and improve the provision of environmental education for many more children.