The Hidden Cost of Printing

Does a cheaper printer really deliver cheaper print?

When you are looking at the cost of print, there is a lot to consider.  Indeed a lot of organisations do not truly know how much print costs them, because the costs can be so hard to get a handle of.

One cost that is very visible is the cost of the printer itself – but does a cheaper print really mean you are saving money on your print?

The initial outlay of the printer is usually the smallest proportion of the overall direct costs of printing, with service and maintenance being the second and the consumables accounting for the majority of the costs.

There’s often a lot more to the cost of consumables than meets the eye.  The cost of customer replaceable units like fusers, maintenance kits, waste toner bottles and the such like can soon add up.

Often the customer replaceable units can account for as much of the cost as the inks or toners themselves, so it’s worth looking at the cost of the parts when investigating your next printer purchase.

Also, the yield of the inks and toners make a big difference to the overall cost of print.  Choose a device with low yield consumables and you’ll be re-ordering more regularly, which not only proves to be more costly, it takes up valuable time from your staff.

Look for devices with a yield high enough that you won’t have to change the inks or toners more than around once a month to minimise the manual intervention your staff will need to contribute.

So don’t be seduced by the low price tag of that printer – it could end up costing you so much more!

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