The climate crisis is one of the main challenges we face as a society, as companies and as individuals. Acting quickly is important. Here at Lyreco UK, the management and reduction of our environmental impact has always been high in the company’s agenda.

Since 2011 we have used a very comprehensive carbon footprint programme to monitor and tackle our CO2 emissions. We are very proud to communicate that since 2010, Lyreco UK has reduced its carbon footprint by 36% (Tn CO2 / Turnover) and Lyreco Ireland by 52%. Here are some of the changes we have implemented to make this possible:

In 2019 we achieved an amazing 16% CO2 reduction in the UK and 16.5% reduction in Ireland from 2018. The main reduction areas were movement of employees, energy and freight.

Telford site:

Our Telford site is currently energy carbon neutral – in 2015 we had 13,680 solar panels installed on our National Distribution Centre. 3 million of kWh of green electricity is now generated on average annually; We have also upgraded our lighting system in our National Distribution Centre twice since 2012, ensuring further efficiency.

Our efforts don’t stop here, we want to ensure our employees and customers see the efforts we are going to make a difference. In 2020 for the first time, we held a fully carbon neutral company convention event, which was a great success.

Our deliveries:

In 2019 we also signed the “Clean Van Commitment”, a pledge to deliver to cities with 0 emission vehicles by 2028. We are also proud to say that all 330 company vans are fitted with tracking systems to improve safety and driving efficiency. Since 2013 our fuel consumption per delivery has been reduced by 16% in the UK and by 52% in Ireland and in our London distribution centres, we are currently trialling electric vans.

Going the extra mile:

Here at Lyreco we believe in going the extra mile to meet our commitment, we now purchase Renewable Energy Guarantees Origin (REGO) electricity for all Lyreco sites. Lyreco joined the “New York Declaration on Forests” to strike back on deforestation and CO2 reduction.

What we do for you:

We support our customers in becoming a greener and more environmentally friendly business by helping reduce their carbon footprint through consolidating orders, providing environmentally friendly products and alternatives and offering recycling services to fully support companies in their CSR commitments. Find out more on how we can support you here.