Lyreco adds Electric Vehicles to London Delivery Fleet

In line with our CSR Strategy, and our goal to be completely carbon neutral by 2030, we’re excited to welcome 17 all-electric light commercial vehicles to our London fleet.

Why have we added Electric Vans to our London Fleet?Clean Van Commitment Logo, a global action plan initiative.
In 2019, Lyreco signed up to the Clean Van Commitment Pledge, which is a public commitment for fleets to switch to zero tailpipe emission vans in cities by 2028, and with the arrival of our Renault Master E-Tech vans – we’re well on our way to a more sustainable delivery process for our customers.

Not only do our new vans bring a new look to the roads with their sustainable, environmentally friendly wraps, but they are also filled with state-of-the-art batteries – providing up to 75 miles of all-electric power; with an 80 percent charge being achievable in only 4.5hours. This means we’re able to ensure all of our packages from our Greenford, Tottenham and Dartford depots are delivered quickly, efficiently, and sustainably as possible – with zero fuel emissions.

Richard Taylor, Lyreco's Head of OperationsOur Head of Operations, Richard Taylor said “The purchase of Master E-Tech vans sends a clear message to our customers, our colleagues and the wider public, of our green credentials and commitment to sustainability. It means that where range and payload permits, our deliveries in London will be made by 100 percent electric vehicles that will not contribute to air and noise pollutions.”

Since 2013, Lyreco has reduced fuel consumption per delivery by 28% simply by improving our vehicles, optimising routes, consolidating customer orders and training our drivers to be more efficient behind the wheel. We also installed video telematic systems which monitor and assist drivers to navigate their journeys in a safer and more effective manner.

Creating a sustainable future at Lyreco
Here at Lyreco we’ve always placed sustainability as a business priority, and this continues to drive any decisions we make as a company. Since 2020, we have been powered entirely by renewable energy at 22 of our UK sites – making us energy carbon neutral. We installed over 13,860 solar panels, and converted all of our lighting to LED which has led to a reduction in energy usage of around 60%.

We’re already extremely proud of how far we’ve come, and we are making great strides towards achieving our sustainability goals, including our Circular Economy Pledge.

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