Lyreco Goodness Microbusiness Support Programme

We’re proud to announce the launch of our brand-new Lyreco Goodness Microbusiness Support Programme.

With microbusinesses making up a third of employment across the UK & Ireland, here at Lyreco we want to do everything we can to help microbusinesses develop and grow, whilst also giving a small but valuable boost to the local economy.

The Lyreco Goodness Microbusiness Support Programme will back ambitious microbusinesses that align with our CSR and environmental credentials and those that provide products and services in a similar field; namely PPE, hygiene, catering supplies, office furniture, IT and workplace technology and general office supplies.

A total of ten successful applicants will be offered a support package worth over £20,000 each, including a bespoke page on the Lyreco webshop, exclusive marketing and communication support, a free listing in our catalogue for up to 10 products or services, and ongoing business support.

Why did Lyreco create
the Microbusiness Support Programme?

Based on a report featuring data from the Office of National Statistics, during the pandemic microbusinesses were the most impacted business size – with nearly 10 percent more facing temporary or permanent closure.

Since our formation Lyreco have always acted with sustainability and positivity at the core of our business decisions. We believe in not only doing what is best for our customers, communities and employees, but also the world that we live in.

We wanted to give like-minded microbusinesses an opportunity to learn from our experts by sharing our skills and experience.

David HarmanDavid Harman, Director of Product and Services, explains how the idea for Lyreco Goodness Microbusiness Support Programme came about:

“Microbusinesses are an essential component of the UK economy, but for many business owners, the pandemic has had a devastating impact. This in turn could have a detrimental effect on employment and the resilience of our communities. Now more than ever, microbusinesses need access to support and resources that will empower them to thrive in the post-pandemic economy – and that’s where we hope to help with the Lyreco Goodness Microbusiness Support Programme.”

Andrew Bryers, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, comments: “The main challenges faced by microbusinesses include access to funding and support, employment and HR, marketing and communication, and, crucially in a post-pandemic world that has seen a major shift online, a lack of digital skills. The Lyreco Goodness Microbusiness Support Programme has been developed to support our community and equip microbusinesses with the digital tools and skills necessary to grow their businesses.”


How to apply for the Lyreco Goodness
Microbusiness Support Programme

The Lyreco Goodness Microbusiness Support Programme opens to applicants Monday 1st November and will remain open for a total of three weeks, closing on 21st November

Applying for the Lyreco Goodness Microbusiness Support Programme couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is..

1. Be a Microbusiness based in the UK or Ireland (this means your business has less than 10 employees)

2. Read the full eligibility Terms & Conditions here.

3. Submit your application by completing the short form here.

Andrew Bryers, Lyreco's new Head of Corporate Social Responsibility

Andrew Bryers, Head of CSR further explains: “While I urge all microbusinesses in the UK and Ireland to apply, we are particularly interested in hearing from those able to demonstrate their environmental credentials, such as climate change targets and reduction of plastic within products; any initiatives around social responsibly, such as charity support, diversity and inclusion strategies, and supporting local communities; and companies providing environmentally friendly products or services.”

If you’re looking to jump start your microbusiness, be sure to enter the Lyreco Goodness Microbusiness Support Programme by clicking here.

Do you know a microbusiness owner who may need a helping hand? Why not share this opportunity with them?

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