Working to Help Suppliers Become More Sustainable

Today, Lyreco is proud to be introducing our new Supplier Sustainability Action Tool. Developed in partnership with NETpositive Futures, the Supplier Sustainability Action Tool aims to embed supplier engagement and create a meaningful evidence-based action plan. Completion of the action plan will help drive our suppliers towards a more sustainable and ecologically conscious operation.

We are delighted to be working with Lyreco on this important initiative, it is a fantastic example of how an organisation can both challenge and supports its suppliers to really drive sustainability forward

Jimmy Brannigan, Director NETpositive Futures

Designed to understand our supplier’s sustainability strategy, the tool will also allow us to support our suppliers by developing a bespoke action plan on what initiatives they need to undertake to make them become more sustainable – focusing on some key areas!

Based on their response, we can then score the supplier 1 – 5 for sustainability and social responsibility. We show this supplier score through our “hearts” scoring visual.

Supplier Responibility & Sustainability

Learn more about Supplier Reponsibility & Sustainability, and our Supplier Action Tool.

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What Supplier Sustainability Tools means to us

“This supplier sustainability action tool is a huge benefit to us as an organisation to increase the transparency of our supply chain to our customers.” Andrew Bryers, Head of CSR says, “We have the strict target that 90% of our products and services needs to be sustainable by 2026, but to achieve this Lyreco needs to make sure our suppliers are aligned to our sustainability objectives. For sustainability to be fully integrated, including reducing our global impact, we all need to work together. Having this tool available to our suppliers not only shows us what they are doing but supports them to develop their own strategy.”

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Lyreco Goodness supports Supplier Sustainability