Enhancing Safety and Wellbeing with Wearable PPE: How Lyreco Intersafe UK & Ireland Can Help

The Importance of Wearable PPE in the Workplace

In recent years, the focus on worker wellbeing has intensified, and for good reason. A happy workforce leads to increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and overall better business outcomes. However, creating a positive working environment goes beyond just controlling the lighting, temperature, or offering employee benefits. It involves ensuring psychological safety and providing high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE) that workers are comfortable wearing.

Psychological Safety and the Role of PPE

The new ISO 45003 standard on psychological health and safety emphasizes the importance of making employees a priority by identifying and mitigating psychosocial risks. One crucial aspect of this is the provision of high-quality PPE. The psychological impact of wearing poor-standard PPE cannot be overstated—workers who feel undervalued due to subpar equipment are less likely to be engaged and productive.

The Consequences of Poor PPE

While PPE should meet EN standards at a minimum, the reality is that many workers dread wearing it. This is especially true for women, smaller men, and young people who often struggle to find well-fitting gear. Poor-quality PPE is typically uncomfortable, leading to reduced compliance and increased risks of accidents and dissatisfaction.

Substandard PPE also tends to wear out quickly, reminding workers daily of its disposable nature. This not only generates waste, impacting the bottom line, but also negatively affects worker wellbeing and company culture. Conversely, high-quality, ergonomic PPE encourages use and dramatically reduces the risk of non-compliance.

The Benefits of High-Quality PPE

Good-quality PPE, designed for proper fit and comfort, significantly improves worker safety and compliance. Here’s what to look for:

  • Proper Fit: One size does not fit all. PPE should be selected based on individual and workplace requirements to prevent accidents, reduce discomfort, and boost confidence.
  • All-Day Comfort: Comfortable PPE that fits well and is lightweight and breathable encourages continuous use throughout the day.
  • Product Performance: Beyond meeting safety standards, the quality of materials and production technologies impact the wearer’s experience.
  • Modern Style: Stylish, high-performing PPE makes workers feel good and proud to wear it, ensuring it stays on and compliance is maintained.

How Lyreco Intersafe UK & Ireland Can Support Your PPE Needs

At Lyreco Intersafe UK & Ireland, we understand the critical role that quality PPE plays in enhancing worker safety and wellbeing. We provide leading brands known for their superior design, comfort, and durability.

Our range of safety gloves, for instance, is designed to fit the shape of the individual’s hand, providing both protection and comfort. Our footwear offerings ensure all-day cushioning and support, reducing musculoskeletal issues while guarding against workplace hazards. Comfortable earplugs that reduce pressure and contain no contaminants further exemplify our commitment to high-quality PPE.

By choosing PPE that delivers on wearability, you signal to your employees that they are valued, enhancing their wellbeing and productivity. Durable products not only cut costs but also support sustainability efforts by reducing waste.

Investing in high-quality, wearable PPE is an investment in your most valuable asset—your employees. Let Lyreco Intersafe UK & Ireland help you create a safer, happier, and more productive workplace.