Celebrating Diversity in the Workplace: Meet Our Green Room Panelists

In an ever-evolving world where the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace continues to gain recognition, The Green Room is proud to introduce you to three remarkable individuals who are leading the charge in championing neurodiversity and inclusive design. These panelists are pioneers in their fields, and their collective efforts are reshaping how we perceive and create workplace environments.

Toni horn: championing neurodiversity & well-being

Toni Horn, the founder of Think Differently, has embarked on a remarkable journey from personal challenges to becoming a beacon of hope for neurodiversity in workplaces. Her path was shaped by a diagnosis of dyslexia and Autism, experiences that have given her unique insights into the world of cognitive differences.

Toni’s contributions to neurodiversity and well-being in corporate settings are nothing short of transformative. With experience as a neurodiversity lead at a major corporation and her current role in designing CPD-certified training, Toni brings a wealth of practical knowledge to the table.

Her influence extends far beyond the boardroom. Toni is a seasoned neurodivergent coach and has been recognised with the Barclays Global Inclusive Leader Award, a testament to her dedication and innovative approach. She’s not just reshaping workplaces; she’s changing lives, underscoring the immense value of diversity.

claire Williams: Shaping positive work environment

Claire Williams, Group Creative Director at Ocee & Four Design, boasts over 15 years of experience in the world of commercial furniture. Her deep understanding of how well-designed spaces can influence work and employee well-being makes her an invaluable advocate for positive work environments.

Claire’s journey with neurodiversity has further fuelled her passion for creating inclusive workplaces. She believes that true inclusion should not only address human factors but also consider the built environment. Her mission is to eliminate barriers and embrace the benefits of a workforce that supports every individual.

dr. jo carlile: empowering neurodiverse individuals

Dr. Jo Carlile, a Clinical Psychologist and Neurodiversity Specialist, has dedicated her career to promoting the well-being of individuals with neurodivergent traits. With a UCL Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a decade of NHS experience, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

Dr. Carlile specialises in aiding individuals diagnosed with ADHD, Autism, and other neurodivergent conditions. Her approach goes beyond conventional therapy; she co-designs lives aligned with neurological wiring. Through 1:1 sessions and guidance for founders and businesses, she empowers individuals to thrive in tailored settings.

As we dive into the second episode of The Green Room’s webinar series, “Embracing Neurodiversity, Designing for Inclusion in the Workplace,” we couldn’t be more thrilled to have these inspiring individuals as our panellists.

Join us for this enlightening discussion in The Green Room and be part of a broader conversation about shaping a workplace landscape that embraces diversity and values every unique perspective.

Together, we’re working towards a future where inclusion is not just a checkbox but a core value, and where everyone has a seat at the table.