PPE Laundering

Supporting Your Business To Achieve

Your Sustainability Goals

Winners of the Lyreco Goodness Supplier Support Programme 2022, Staysafe PPE operates nationwide to provide a solution for the reuse of workwear PPE; from hand protection to workwear.

Staysafe clean the products and launder the PPE, which will typically be reusable gloves and workwear. The PPE is cleaned, and checked to ensure it still meets all compliance needed, and then any possible repairs are made.

Please note: This service is UK only.

How Staysafe Works

Staysafe laundering can break down the cell walls of bacteria, pathogens, and viruses. The agitation during the process also opens fibres up to sufficiently remove dirt and grease stains. Around 80% of gloves and PPE sent to Staysafe are suitable for re-issue, saving 14.7 tonnes of CO2e for every tonne of re-used PPE.

Often the PPE is returned to your business as good as new, but any deemed unsuitable will either be donated to charities, made into waste product fibres, or used for energy generation with a zero waste to landfill policy. On average, the Staysafe solution saves around 90,000 items a month from landfills.

Why Choose Staysafe?

  • Reduced PPE procurement costs
  • Reduces environmental impact of PPE
  • Supports your business’s Environmental Scope 3 Policy
  • Eliminates supply shortages
  • Prevents harmful bacteria including C-Diff potentially harm to staff
Staysafe PPE
Quality Checked

Quality Checked

PPE is quality checked, labelled, and sized before re-issue

Batch Analysis

Batch ANalysis

Track batch control & waste analysis report

Manufactures Compliance

Manufactures Compliance

PPE is inspected to ensure it still meets manufacturer compliance

Batch Control

Batch Control

Tracked and recorded weights and quantities

Zero Waste

Zero Waste

Unsuitable PPE will either be donated to charities, made into waste product fibres, or used for energy generation

PPE Collections

PPE Collections

PPE is collected and delivered using Staysafe vehicles across the UK