Workwear for Women – The Right Fit

Why the Right Fit

is Important?

Taking a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach with Women’s and Men’s PPE can be dangerous.

It is essential to avoid a one size fits all approach, particulary in the realm of PPE for women. We recognise the importance of supplying apparel tailored to fit accurately, ensuring comfort for female workers. Creating a safe working environment means prioritising the unique needs and requirements of women in the workforce, rather than providing ill-fitting Mens workwear. We take pride in our ability to offer solutions specifically for women, drawing upon the expertise of our team and collaborating with specialised safety suppliers. With the right fit and comfort, we empower women to perform at their best, contributing to a safer and more inclusive workplace.

Your Guide To

The Right Fit

Ensuring the Right Fit can be complicated, we have compiled a guide to assist in ensuring women receive adequate support with their workwear.

Differences in design – what to look for

trousers & shorts

Elevate your comfort with trousers or shorts featuring a raised waist with elastic, offering versatile solutions for waist adjustment.

Designed with a ‘Curvy’ fit around the hips, these provide enhanced comfort.

Explore a broader range of sizes and lengths tailored to women’s sizing needs.

Crafted from a 2/4-way stretch material for added flexibility.

softshells, jackets, & T-Shirts

Ensuring the correct fit for upper body garments is crucial for the safety of your workforce. Here’s how workwear clothing designed for women can stand out:

Split Hem Design
Soft, breathable fabric
Segmented reflective tape
Tailored waist and shoulders for a comfortable fit.

how to take your measurements?

Always consult the supplier who provided guides detailing precise measurement techniques for achieving an optimal fit.
Differences between male and female garment specifications, particular in areas such as chest, hips and waist, as well as the correct size, can dictate the appropriate fit.

The effectiveness of workwear style and features hinges upon precise measurements. This practice will ensure optimal fit, facilitating the most suitable selection for employees.

True women’s fit

True women’s fit occurs when footwear is made for women by using a last that reflects the specific anatomical shapes and structures of the female foot. As a result, when worn, it supports and contours to the feet of women. The differences between women’s and men’s feet extend beyond mere size. They are a different shape and structure.

V12 Footwear’s entire women’s safety range is built on just this type of last, and the proof is there for all to see.

what are the differences between men’s and women’s feet?

As well as being on average shorter than men’s feet; women’s feet are narrower overall relative to length, with a much narrower heel. These factors, combined with a smaller, higher Achilles Tendon, mean that a closer fitting, higher collar on footwear is vital to keep the foot firmly in place and avoid blistering.

The arch on women’s feet is higher than it is for men; and women are more prone to ponating their feet (rolling their feet inwards). Additionally arch support is required to correct this and orevent ankle twisting.

Other subtle differences are that women have a shallower big toe, a lower instep and a more curved inside line than men. Women and men even walk differently, with women taking shorter more frequent strides than men relative to height.

Lyreco's New Range of Uniforms

Designed for Women

At Lyreco we practice what we preach, in everything we do.

This commitment led us to reevaluate the uniforms worn by female employees at both our National Distribution Centre and Head Office, enabling us to test garments tailored specifically for women. Consequently, we have revamped our uniform collection, introducing a variety of pieces designed for women. This expanded selection provides our female employees with a diverse range, ensuring everyone experiences a safe and comfortable workday.

Equality & Diversity.

For All.

Promoting gender equality and diversity in the workplace requires a holistic approach, encompassing every aspect of work, including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Despite the current underrepresentation of women in the construction industry, the statistics show a promising trend, with 15% of workers in construction being female and 37% of new entrants from higher education being female.

To support and empower these women, it is crucial to provide them with women’s PPE that meets their specific needs. At Lyreco UK & Ireland, we are committed to offering a wide range of women’s PPE, including high-visibility workwear, occupational workwear, safety footwear, and occupational footwear.

High Visibility Maternity Workwear

Designed to make enhance safety and comfort for pregnant women at work, discover the first maternity garments conforming to high visibility standard ISO 20471.

With features such as an elasticated over-bump band and waist adjustment on the Verity Cargo Trouser and the elasticated side seams on the Lovacott Polo Shirt, we’ve ensured these garments work with the wearer and can be worn all the way from bump to baby

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High Visibiliy Maternity Workwear

High Visibility Modesty Clothing

A new and innovative garment aimed at fostering greater inclusivity in various industries

The Lilly Modesty Tunic has been designed to ensure the wearer is able to adhere to their religious beliefs ensuring on site safety fully conforming to ISO 20471. The Tunic is also a great solution for any job role where a longer upper garment would be beneficial.

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High Visibility Modesty Workwear

Women's Occupational Workwear

Ensuring the women in your workforce are wearing correctly fitting workwear is of paramount importance.

There are significant risks associated with wearing ill fitting Workwear, such as tripping or becoming entangled in machinery, therefore it is essential  that all workers irrelevant of gender, age, size race or religion experience comfort and safety while working in the provided clothing.

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Women's Occupational Workwear

Safety Footwear.

Made for Women.

We understand that properly fitted PPE and safety footwear contribute to women’s comfort and confidence on the job.

Ill-fitting equipment can cause discomfort, restrict movement, and impede productivity. By offering women safety gear tailored to their bodies, we empower them to work safer, with ease, boost their confidence and enhance their overall job satisfaction.

Safety Footwear Made for Women

Women's Occupational Footwear

Women working in Industry require fit for purpose footwear to work safely. As with PPE and Workwear, the consequences of not wearing or having access to suitable products can result in a number of shorter or long term health issues.

Working with trusted supply partners, we can offer a comprehensive range of Occupational Footwear for women.

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Women's Occupational Footwear