Lyreco Announces Safety Business Rebrand to Lyreco Intersafe

Lyreco Announces Safety Business Rebrand to Lyreco Intersafe

On 29th April 2024, as part of Lyreco’s global alignment of our Safety Business Lines around the world, we are excited to announce our UK & Ireland brand evolution from Lyreco Safety to Lyreco Intersafe – the new, leading name of our Safety Business Line.

Lyreco Intersafe is the new name for Lyreco's Safety Business in the UK & Ireland

In 2019, Lyreco Group acquired the Intersafe Group – Europe’s leading brand of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Services, and Solutions for Safety & Health at work. The acquisition of Intersafe established Lyreco as a key player in Safety, with both companies offering a strong expertise in providing safety solutions in workplaces across various industries. By combining our shared and complementary strengths, we have been able to provide our customers across Europe with solutions for the most crucial safety hazards, ensuring the protection of workers across a wide range of environments, from low risk to high-risk.

Through the adoption of Intersafe in our local market, Lyreco Intersafe expands its roots from Europe into the UK & Ireland, leveraging its 90 years of safety expertise and specialist knowledge to bring an even more comprehensive safety offering to our customers. All while still maintaining our unwavering goal of Protecting People and the Planet endures, as we retain our strong focus on sustainability and social impact.

I am delighted we have brought the collaboration between Lyreco and Intersafe to the UK & Ireland, officially crowning our Safety Business Line as Lyreco Intersafe. This move propels our customer proposition to new heights – with our local expertise in consolidation and sustainability coupled with our value-added safety approach, which has now been bolstered by the global strength of the Intersafe company. Our ongoing investment in safety ensures that we not only meet, but exceed, our customers’ expectations.

Helen Moran, Lyreco Intersafe UK & Ireland Safety Business Director.

I am thrilled to be part of the launch of Lyreco Intersafe collaboration in the UK and Ireland.  Our commitment to customer satisfaction and safety is unwavering. With our team of experts, both locally and internationally, our valued customers can expect to see continual investment in our proposition and to continue to receive outstanding expertise and support, to deliver a great and safe working day.

Joris Wels, Lyreco Intersafe CEO.

Redefining the Safety brand within the UK & Ireland has reaffirmed the confidence that Lyreco can provide leading safety solutions, services, and knowledge to our customers – while also asserting new credibility in the market with Intersafe’s established Safety roots throughout Europe.

What is Staying the Same?

  • Same great service and products from Lyreco – With Lyreco’s service excellence and sustainability initiatives complementing Intersafe’s safety expertise, we’re now even more equipped to meet your safety needs
  • Delivering excellence and ensuring a great & safe working day for all
  • Protecting People and the Planet is still the core of our business

What is Changing?

  • You will see a new brand identity – Our name and logo have changed to Lyreco Intersafe
  • Access to over 90 years of safety expertise and specialist knowledge

Lyreco UK & Ireland is the first Lyreco subsidiary to platform this brand change, with further announcements from across the Lyreco world anticipated to take place soon.