How to adapt individual workspaces

As the lockdown is slowly lifted in the UK, businesses are looking to welcome back their employees to the workplace and in offices. However, wherever you work, there simply isn’t going to be that same buzz about the place which may have been present pre-COVID-19 and this is because as employers we all need to make sure we are supporting our teams and looking at ways in which individual workspaces can be adapted to meet social distancing guidelines.

The health and safety of your employees and customers should be at the forefront of all your decision making, and we are here to support and help you through this process.

Cleaning and hygiene

The COVID-19 virus is spread by someone infected either coughing or exhaling and thus releasing droplets of contaminated fluid. Many of these droplets fall on nearby surfaces and objects and are spread to other areas via touch.  As well as maintaining safe social distancing, increasing cleaning and hygiene practices in the workplace will be crucial in keeping the working environment safe.

Here are some simple steps to take when cleaning and disinfecting your workstation:

All surfaces such as desks, tables, telephones and keyboards need to be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant regularly. Shop our full range of back to work cleaning and hygiene products.

Wash your hands with soap and water:

Protective screen solutions

Maintaining social distance guidelines is imperative upon the return to work. Where social distancing is not possible, providing physical partitions between colleagues and visitors is recommended.    View our full range of screen solutions here.

Keeping working environments as open and light as possible has many benefits towards the wellbeing of your employees. Here are some ways you can introduce protective screen solutions in the modern working environment whilst maintaining the feeling of space and light.

Translucent screens can not only help keep spaces bright and modern but also help keep working environments as collaborative as possible. We have a wide range of Acrylic screen protectors for you to choose from; including desk mounted high screens, screen toppers and free-standing high screens. View our full range of translucent screens here.

Fabric solutions are ideal to use on single or desk clusters and are great for when privacy is needed. We have a selection of anti-bacterial cleanable fabrics available to make upholstered screens as safe and as easy to clean as possible when it comes to infection control. Having protective screens with anti-microbial treatments or bleach-cleanable products are just as important to protect employees in the fight against microbes. View our full range of fabric protective screens here.

Printed protective screen solutions are a great way to bring a little bit of life into the working environment. From backgrounds such as pebble, plant and sky to choose from, you can make workspaces as individual and as diverse as you want. We have a selection of screen toppers and floor standing screens offering flexible and versatile protective screen solutions for all working environments. View our full range of printed protective screens here.

Work from home

Working from home should be encouraged for the safety of yourself and your colleagues. If possible, facilitate working from home in your business. To ensure you have everything you need for your home worker set up, we have introduced home deliveries, providing you and your team with everything your home office may require wherever your workspace may be.

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