Buy Quality, Replace Less with Leo Workwear

In the high visibility clothing industry, there is a multitude of products available that vary wildly when it comes to price. This article will discuss the benefits of protecting workforces in quality high-visibility clothing over the standard models available

Quality fabrics

Higher specification garments will likely feature higher performance fabrics, that have been specifically selected for the product’s intended use or wearer environment. Wearers will be more comfortable, and more performance in different weather conditions, resulting in a happier wearer experience.

Quality tapes

High visibility clothing is first and foremost about keeping people seen and the quality of the reflective tape is paramount to any product’s performance. The higher specification tapes will have more durability when washed and will have a higher candela rating, (the measurement of light intensity in a particular direction); essentially higher quality tapes reflect light back to the source more effectively.

Quality components

Whilst there are many non-branded components used on the market that are effective at doing their job, a well-known branded component, such as VELCRO® brand fasteners and YKK® zippers can provide additional confidence in the performance of a garment.


A high visibility garment has to be tested to prove that both the reflective tape and fluorescent fabric still conform to the high visibility standard (ISO 20471) to at least the number of washes stated within the garment. The higher quality brands will, where possible, look to ensure their products conform to 50 wash cycles, where the standard is 25. This means that a higher specification garment could last the wearer twice as long, whilst providing them with an often better-fitting, more comfortable product in the first place.

The environmentally friendly option

Therefore, a garment that lasts longer and is replaced less provides a more environmentally friendly solution. Many high-quality branded high visibility garments are already made from recycled components, the addition of these durable properties only serves to reduce their impact further.

In conclusion, there are multiple reasons why buying a quality high visibility garment over a standard one is a sensible investment for an organisation. Firstly, the wearer will always be more comfortable and more protected in a garment designed in this way. Moreover, the combination of durability and longevity found in these products results in the garment lasting longer and being replaced less.