Leo Workwear: A Decade of Empowerment

In 2013, a simple yet intriguing question sparked a revolution at Leo Workwear: “Why the growing demand for XS and XXS garments?”. It wasn’t long before they uncovered the truth – the industry was overlooking the critical need for women’s high-visibility clothing.

Back then, options for women were limited to men’s jackets, slightly adjusted and branded as “Ladies Jackets”. These makeshift solutions were far from ideal, posing not only safety risks due to their ill fit but also impacting the morale of women who has to wear these uncomfortable and oversized garments daily.

Embarking on a journey of inclusion and safety

At Leo Workwear, they believe in the fundamental goal of keeping workers safe – this includes ensuring that clothing is not only protective but also properly fits the wearer. This belief has propelled them to develop a dedicated range of women’s high-visibility clothing.

The approach was meticulous and inclusive, engaging with focus groups of women in industry and their predominantly female workforce to gather insights. This collaborative effort ensured their products were not only functional but also comfortable and tailored to meet the needs of women in the field.

innovation and quality at the forefront

Leo’s commitment to quality and innovation led to the creation of garments that combined advanced fabrics, reflective technologies, and superior craftsmanship. The Rosemoor Jacket, their first women’s garment, set a new standard with its waterproof, windproof, breathable fabric, designed to complement the female form.

a comprehensive range for every woman

Fast forward to 2024, and their collection boasts 26 styles, available in multiple colours and sizes, ranging from 8-26 (XS-6XL), including groundbreaking maternity wear and modesty tunics. This evolution underscores Leo’s commitment to inclusivity and safety for all women in the workplace.

overcoming challenges with creativity and compliance

Our journey wasn’t without challenges. Meeting the international standard for high-visibility clothing (ISO 20471) required innovative thinking to balance compliance with design and functionality. Additionally, feedback led them to transition from a distinctive purple trim to a more universally preferred grey, highlighting the responsiveness to wearer preferences.

a vision for sustainability

Looking ahead, sustainability remains a key focus. Many products in their women’s range will transition to the EcoViz Line, utilising recycled polyester to reduce environmental impact significantly.

A decade of progress

From a limited selection of poorly fitting men’s garments to a diverse and comprehensive range of women’s high-visibility clothing, Leo Workwear has significantly contributed to making industries more inclusive and safer for women. As they continue to innovate and expand the range, Leo remains dedicated to empowering women in construction, engineering, transportation and beyond.

empowering the future

Lyreco & Leo Workwear are proud of the progress made over the last decade. The journey reflects a broader industry shift towards recognising and value the contributions of women. At Leo Workwear, they’re not just creating high-visibility clothing; they’re part of a movement to ensure that every woman entering the workforce feels seen, safe and supporting.