How to refresh your classroom after the summer holidays

Summer holidays are a great opportunity for both teachers and students to refresh and re-energise before a new term. But what about the classroom? There’s no better way to motivate your students than a fresh, clean and restocked learning environment. Here at Lyreco, we’ve got everything you need for not only a great working day, but everything you need to support the education sector.

How to refresh your classroom after summer holidays
One of the best ways to keep students involved is maintaining a clean, distraction-free environment. We wanted to share our top tips when it comes to refreshing your learning environment after summer holidays.

Cleaning is key

Sanitisation has never been more important, especially in the classroom. Be sure to clean all surfaces and major touch-points such as screens, keyboards, door handles and drawers. We have eco-preferred, child-friendly and multi-purpose cleaners to choose from.

Our exclusive range of bio-technology will clean anything from glass, mirrors, stainless steel to floors and walls.

BioSource 100 has a residual odour counteractant and is perfect for environments with younger children.

We’ve compiled all of our education related products such as cleaning materials, flipcharts, exercise books and so on, into our Education Brochure you can below:

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Refresh and Re-configure!

A great way to motivate and inspire your students is by switching things up in terms of room layout and working space.
By doing so, this will give your pupils a new physical and mental perspective.
Take a look at our full range of office furniture here.

Be sure to replace or revise any wall-displays, posters or notices with the most up-to-date information. Remember, the best learning environments are distraction-free – less is often more. Unless you display current curriculum or upcoming lesson topics, a clear workspace is a clear mind!

Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent.

There is nothing worse than printing a document, to realise the printer has ran out of paper.

Likewise, when you start a task to realise you don’t have the required supplies to complete it. With next day delivery, we can ensure you have everything you need for a great working day.

With over 11,000 products across 18 categories, ranging from personal protective equipment, hygiene and hospitality, to general office products, furniture, and ergonomics – Lyreco has everything you need on our easy-to-use webshop.

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