How to stay alert during the working day: Our 5 top tips

The brain is the human hard drive, the command centre on which everything we do depends. Many different factors influence optimal brain function. Are you doing enough to maximise your productivity?

Exercise, adequate sleep, a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle are excellent bases for brain well-being.

During the working day, the brain can sometimes be under a lot of pressure, especially during prolonged periods of stress. So, what can you do if you feel like your ideas aren’t flowing? Here are our five top tips to get the most of your working day.

1 – Take a walk

You may be surprised to know that even a short 15-minute walk can do wonders for your productivity. Take a walk outside on your lunch break or after work to get some fresh air and allow your thoughts to go somewhere else for a moment. Even if it’s walking around your house, just get moving!

2 – Eat a snack

Being hungry can affect your productivity and creativity, so a small snack can give you that energy boost you need to survive the rest of the day. Choosing the right snack can play a key role in keeping your brain healthy and can improve memory and concentration. Feed your brain with healthy foods such as nuts, pumpkin seeds and blueberries. These will help get you through those mid-afternoon cravings

3 – Take a break and listen to music

Taking a break to listen to music can boost your focus and creativity. Why not play your absolute favourite song to liven up your mind! Music will help inject positivity and energy into your working day. So why not throw on your favourite song or playlist and have a quick sing along!

4 – End your day with exercise

So, you’ve just finished your day at work, what should you do next? How about doing a home gym workout, go for a run or even take part in an online yoga class? Exercising can have dramatic benefits for your brain health. Just a small amount of exercise can release valuable endorphins to help you feel upbeat and happy.

5 – Try the 45/15 model

It’s like interval training for your brain. In practice, this means working on something very intensely for 45 minutes, after which you reduce the pace for 15 minutes. Try putting this into practise with one of your tasks for the day and see what difference it makes to how you feel and to your output. This can be a brilliant way to reduce feeling overwhelmed by work and will encourage you to plan out your time more efficiently.

Our bonus tip!

Experiencing new things and keeping your day varied can also help the brain stay fit.

So, what’s something new could you try today? How about picking up one of those home projects you’ve been putting off. Why not look back at one of your new year’s resolutions for the year and getting started on making a change?

Now more than ever it’s the ideal time for us all to keep our spirits up and keep our brains active. We hope that our suggestions help you with this.

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