Lyreco’s Recycling Services

Here at Lyreco, we are committed to integrating the Sustainable Development Goals across all aspects of our business.

That’s why we have embedded sustainability into everything we do, through our Global Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability Strategy. 

One aspect of this is our belief in the circular economy, in which we have created a pledge to fully integrate the circular economy into our operations by 2025. The objective of the circular economy is to eliminate waste by circulating the products and materials we use while regenerating nature. These principles apply to all aspects of business and our personal lives.  

When we implement the principle of circulating materials and designing our products better, we demonstrate our true commitment to sustainability through our product lines. See below for a small sample of our sustainably produced products: 

Pukka White A4 Recycled Wirebound Pads (Ruled/Margin) - Pack of 3
Pukka White A4 Recycled Wire-bound Pads (Ruled/Margin) – Pack of 3
Lenzing Living Planet Paper A4 80gsm White
Lenzing Living Planet Paper A4 80gsm White
Tesa Eco&Strong Packaging Tape Green Printed 50mm x 66m
Tesa Eco & Strong Packaging Tape Green Printed 50mm x 66m

In line with our circular economy pledge, we have recently partnered with multinational organisation, Loop – in a first-of-its-kind proof of concept trial for Lyreco. The trial with Loop is geared towards minimising waste, by using bespoke reusable packaging for our products. We are delighted to be involved in this as it supports our commitment to sustainable practices, business partnerships and the circular economy mod

Supporting our customers sustainable efforts 

We also offer a Free Battery Recycling Service to our customers through our partner ERP, alongside a battery box collection service and a battery box delivery service which aims to reduce the number of batteries sent to landfill each year and minimise overall damage to the environment. 

Lyreco provide an Ink and Toner Recycling Service, where ink, toner and cartridges are collected by Clover Environmental, our recycling partner, who recycle and remanufacture new toners and cartridges, maximising the useful life of these products.  

As well as this, we also offer 15L Water Bottle Recycling which can be arranged upon product delivery. Following the collection of water bottles, our National Distribution Centre consolidates the bottles and compresses them for recycling into other plastic products, minimising material going to incineration.  

We also offer a Nespresso Capsule Recycling initiative that makes use of used Nespresso coffee pods, where remaining coffee waste and plastic bags are sent to a recycling facility so that nothing ends up in landfill.  

To see some of the other innovative recycling solutions that Nespresso offer, please visit: Recycling Coffee Capsules | Services | Nespresso UK.  

Such services provide an opportunity for other organisations to improve their approach to sustainability by employing our recycling services. For more information about any of the services we offer, please visit the links above.  

At Lyreco, we pride ourselves on being an award-winning, socially, and environmentally responsible company. We care not just about the environment but about our customers too. Work with us and together we shall be partners in success. 

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