Wellness at Work: Is your home office set up ergonomically?

Our way of office-based working has shifted very abruptly in the past month, many of you will have had to make the transition from your everyday office to working from home. Adapting to a home workspace can have many challenges. However, did you know that something as simple as your desk set up can have a significant affect on your posture and physical health. Many people overlook their workspace when working from home, ensure your workspace is an ergonomically friendly set up with our tips below: 

Do you know the best positioning for your Workstation screens?

The majority of work is done by staring at a screen all day, every day and despite this, most people still don’t know the correct position for their screen(s). Eyestrain, neck pain and posture issues are just a few issues that could occur due to an incorrect set up. You should consider screen height, viewing distance and angles to name a few.  

Screen height & viewing distance:

Your height and desk set up should be factored into your screen positioning. There are a few simple ways you can check your screen is the correct height and viewing distance for you:  

Positioning your computer accessories:

Finding the right position for your computer accessories to compliment your workspace is one of the most important factors when setting up your ergonomic working environment at home. Having your keyboard, mouse and screen all positioned right Infront of you stops you from twisting and straining your body while working. Be sure to have your keyboard and mouse at the same height and beside one another, reducing the need to move your arm up and down.  

Correct sitting position

It’s easy to get into the habit of leaning forward and crouching over while working at a desk, especially if you are using a new and unfamiliar workspace. Having poor posture whilst working can cause many physical issues and aches such as chronic neck and back. Be sure to adjust your chair or use a foot support to ensure your feet are flat on the floor and your knees are in line with your hips.  


When working from home you shouldn’t overlook simple aspects of good lighting. The quality of your lighting can affect many things; your mood, well-being, stress, eyestrain and fatigue. 

Screen glares can not only be distracting and make your job more difficult; it can also cause eyestrain, work in an indirect light to avoid this. We also recommend working in a good source of natural light, locating your new workspace not far from a window can help boost your mood and avoid fatigue.  

The arrangement of your desk is just as important when you are
working from home!

We all have our own workspace preferences, but one thing we should all have in common is an organised desk. Moving from an office environment to working from home may mean you lose a little bit of space; be sure to only keep the things you use daily within arm’s reach. Having your daily items easily accessible means you won’t need to be stretching every 30 minutes to reach your notebook, pen or water bottle.  

Start implementing these basic tips today to help maintain good posture and support good physical health whilst working even though your workspace may now be at home.

Keep your eyes peeled for more helpful hints and tips coming soon. Are you looking to improve your workspace today? View our desk environment range.

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