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At Lyreco we are pleased to be a trusted supplier within several education frameworks including CPC, ESPO, NWUPC, NEUPC and CCS.

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Within these frameworks, we provide school supplies to a range of customers including nurseries, primary and secondary schools, higher education, and universities. We understand the unique challenges every institution has and with our diverse range of solutions and acclaimed product partners, we can recommend the best products for any educational setting.


For early-year classes, their school equipment must be high quality, engaging, and safe. For these developmental years, it is important that lesson plans inspire active learning both outdoors and indoors, but also stimulate cognitive and physical development. Welcoming young children into the classroom with a clean, inviting, and colourful environment will allow students to thrive and feel valued.  Popular products include Arts and crafts supplies such as Watercolor Tins (15.482.027) and Great for Planet Acid-Free Tissue Paper (704.456), plus core cleaning supplies such as Universal Non-alcohol hand wipes (14.185.365).

Lyreco Nursery Products


With ages ranging from 4-11, primary education focuses on the foundations of learning. It supports the increase in independent learning and plays, whilst developing key skills, such as reading, writing and mathematics. When children are making this transition, their core school supplies must support their explorations. Colourworld Felt pens (8.157.334) and Classmaster colouring pencils (12.487.844) are a staple for the classroom. These brightly coloured pens can be extremely engaging for students. Much like their favourite toy or game, children are more likely to choose equipment that is their favourite colour or personalised to them. These everyday items can become very special and give students a sense of pride and belonging.

Lyreco’s Bespoke Print Service can also help to personalise items for the classroom with school logos or crests. You can find out more about this service here.

Lyreco Primary School Products


To accommodate the accelerated and diverse development that happens in secondary education the very best school supplies from expert suppliers are vital.  With a wide range of subjects being undertaken, from Art and History to IT and English, a supplier that can deliver the best product across over 18 different categories is beneficial for both the business and end user.

With an increase in independent learning, it is advisable to provide students with access to tools to help them organise their workflow and manage their time effectively. We have a range of academic diaries available to suite every students style, from the Sky Blue A5 Week to View Academic Diary (9.623.321) to the Black A4 Page a Day Academic Diary (772.872).

Lyreco Secondary School Products


As technology becomes a priority for learning and more reliance is placed on these products, investment in advanced, up-to-date equipment is key for students in higher education. Moreover, organisational products such as page markers and files can allow busy students to remain focused.

It is crucial to create an adequate study area for students. With long periods spent at desks and hunched over computers, providing ergonomic equipment can improve students’ health and productivity levels and prevent any future injuries such as RSI.

We believe an active mind is all a student needs for a classroom but having the tools they need to undertake their learning to the best of their ability is just as important.

Lyreco Higher Education Products

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