National Stationery Week: The importance of everyday stationery

Sticky notes, colourful fine tip pens, trendy notebooks, durable lever arch files, academic diaries and pastel coloured highlighters… We love them all and use them everyday without even realising. We all know having the right stationery is essential to the day to day running of our jobs, so why not take the time today to celebrate all things stationery!

That crisp new page of a notebook

There is nothing better than the crisp new page of a notebook or diary. Whether you’re working on the go, at home or in an office; our notebooks and diaries become our best friend. From frantic note taking to dedicated planning and organising, they hear our every thought and should not be overlooked when it comes to office stationery. Here at Lyreco we are aware of the importance of having the right diary and notebook, therefore we have introduced many options for you to choose from; trendy notebooks, academic diaries, recycled pads plus so much more.

The first time using a new pen

Do you ever get a sense of excitement when it’s the first time using a brand-new pen? The many unanswered questions which are circling your mind; how smoothly will this ink run on paper? Will it be comfortable to hold? Is this the one? We have all been there. No matter how digital times get, a good pen is still as important as ever.

Finally, the perfect pair…Staplers and staples

The mysterious mechanical tool which joins pages of paper together… Staplers are essential when it comes to ensuring your documents stay in the correct order and together. Whether you’re working in the office, on the go or at home, if you deal with a lot of paperwork each day you will know just how important a stapler is.

These are just a few of the often-overlooked stationery items we can’t live without… So, let’s finish National Stationery Week with a celebratory offer. Be quick, only available today!

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