National Stationery Week: World Stationery Day

Stationery is all around us and as part of our everyday lives. It can be easy to overlook the importance of stationery. In celebration of World Stationery Day we want to pull the focus back onto why stationery can make a huge difference to all aspects of our working environments, following right through into our personal lives. 

Desk organisation: Letter Trays

Keeping your desk organised at both work and home can be a task within itself. We are often multitasking, thinking at 100 miles an hour and trying to avoid distraction at all costs… Having a place to store important business documents and files is always a great addition to your workspace and will ultimately keep you more organised and productive. Introducing a letter tray to your workspace is a great way to keep organised and avoid wasting time looking for documents! We recommend having more than one letter tray, which you can stack together, and label each one for different document topics. Shop our Exacompta Letter Trays today by clicking here. 

Document organisation: Document Wallets

We all know that being organised is just as important as getting your job done. Free up more time and stay organised with our Exacompta Forever Document Wallets. Protect your private and confidential documents by enclosing them in these wallets. Make sure you colour coordinate and label each wallet to ensure it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for! Even better, these wallets are from the Exacompta Forever Range, meaning they are made from 100% recycled waste material! 

Document organisation: Spiral files

Although times are more digital than ever right now, there’s always a need to keep important documents safe and in an organised way. Whether you need to keep your documents safe for an important meeting or to keep you’re working on the go; the Exacompta Forever spiral files are the perfect versatile product to suit all needs and help you stay organised. Shop from a wide range of bright and bold colours for colour coordinating here. 

Document organisation: Lever arch files

Working on the go? The Exacompta Lever arch files are a great stationery accessory to cover all your note taking needs. Not only are you able to easily store many documents on the go, you can also organise these within the file by using colour coordinated file dividers and labels. If you aren’t working on the go and simply just need to store documents, these Lever arch files can be neatly featured on your desk or stored away.  

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