Select the correct lenses when working outdoors using the Riley Lens vs Light Program.

Selecting the right safety eyewear lenses can be a perplexing experience, often overwhelmed with a labyrinth of options and technical jargon. From various lens coatings, tints to frame designs and EN ratings, navigating the array of choices can be challenging for consumers.

Here we’re going to try and simplify the process, and show you simultaneously why Riley continues to lead the market in product expertise, options and consistency.

In low light conditions, our Twilight Naked Eye lenses excel, enhancing contrast and colour perception for outdoor workers during dawn or dusk. Filtering out more than 75% of blue light, stress to the eye reduces significantly.

Polarised Lenses

Polarised lenses enhance vision, protect from harmful rays, and filter out glare from reflective surfaces, ideal for work near water, windows and anything outdoors. Riley’s sisini for example, utilise this offering clarity and safety combined.

Pictured: Riley Sisini Polarised

Pictured: Riley Sisini Revo


Revo lenses boast a reflective surface coating akin to Riley’s esteemed polarisation. Effectively minimizing glare, they’re a superb choice for bright and sunny days. Experience heightened visual comfort and protection as you endure the outdoors.


Indoor/Outdoor lenses are perfect for transport and logistics workers, ensuring clarity in various lighting environments. Offering consistent visible light levels to minimise pupil adjustments when transitioning between indoor and outdoor settings – they’re a forklift operator must have.

grey and brown lenses

Grey and brown lenses offer high sun protection with similar tint levels. Grey maintains full-colour visibility, while brown adds contrast and warmth. Riley uses brown lenses to filter blue light under LED lighting. Grey-tinted sunglasses preferred for comfort, visibility, and style.

Facts and figures, showcasing the different levels of light transmission and benefits of the different lenses.

Riley tecton

In the field, all parts of a lens can be subject to the harshest of conditions. That’s why Riley Tecton coatings are bonded and cured for the life of the product on both sides of the lenses, giving you an excellent resistance to scratching and fogging.

Specifically, the anti-fog performance of the Tecton coating goes far beyond the minimum level necessary to achieve the N standard (EN166).

Tecton 400 – Eliminates harmful UV rays emitted from the sun whilst maintaining anti-fog and moisture repellence.

Tecton Anti-scratch and Anti fog – exceptional resistance to fogging as well as excellent scratch and abrasion resistance (EN 166:K and N) – as standard practice for Riley eyewear.

Moisture Repellence – ARIDA coating stops water droplets from sticking to the lenses. Miniscule angle of the of the coating allows water to escape the surface of the lens preventing obstruction of vision.