Beating Blue Monday

It’s well known that the third Monday in January is the doomed ‘Blue Monday’. Between the dull weather, failed New Year’s resolutions and employees trying to get back into their normal routine, there can be an overwhelming sense of unhappiness in the office.

So, with this being said, what can be done to boost morale in the workplace and help you get through the doomed ‘Blue Monday’?

Celebrate the smallest of achievements

Amongst the to-do lists and the forever growing pile of paperwork, it can be easy to get bogged down at work. Celebrating small wins can be an important way of acknowledging your achievements. If it’s something as simple as finally ticking off that checklist, it’s worth a celebration!

Take some time out

Taking a break throughout the day can help with productivity, creativity and also help reduce stress. Try going for a walk, a breath of fresh air or even a hot drink to reset your brain.

Make a to-do list

Split your day up into small tasks! Not only will you have a feeling of satisfaction once you tick off a complete task, it’ll also help you organise your day more efficiently.

Remember that tomorrow is a new day

Blue Monday is just a day, and you will always have the ability to come out the other side smiling. If you have any suggestions on how to beat Blue Monday yourself, share them by leaving a comment below!