Recognising Time to Talk Day 2024

Recognising Time to Talk Day 2024

Time to Talk Day is the UK’s biggest mental health conversation, and it happens every year. It is a day when friends, families, communities, and workplaces come together to talk, listen, and change lives.

Time to Talk Day is an initiative that is run by one of the UK’s largest mental health charities, Mind. The charity and the day want to encourage more conversations surrounding mental health and the more conversations that take place at home, at work, or anywhere else makes life better for everyone. Whilst talking about mental health, mental wellbeing, and how we feel isn’t easy, it does hold the power to change and even save lives. Today, Thursday 1st February 2024 is the ideal opportunity to start a conversation about mental health.

As one in four people will experience a mental health issue in any year, talking about the problems we have is a vital part of finding a solution. The cost-of-living crisis has only made it more difficult to look after mental health. Sometimes it is easier to say, “I’m fine”, rather than say how we feel. Our aim, and the aim of Time to Talk Day, is to make everybody feel comfortable talking about their mental health, whenever they need to.

Here at Lyreco, we have our Lyreco Wellness initiative which is designed to improve the emotional, physical, environmental, and social wellness of people in the workplace. Whilst Time to Talk Day and the conversations that it creates should be encouraged, we believe that every day should be an opportunity to talk. Environments should be created daily to make it a welcoming and dynamic environment where people are happy to talk about their feelings and as a result, team members can thrive. Recently, Lyreco launched our Wellness brochure to guide employers around the tools required to provide a happy and safe environment for all their employees. You can view the brochure here, which gives essential workplace wellness tips and advice for businesses to apply whether they are a small business or a multinational corporate organisation.

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