Why healthy people are key to a healthy business

Investing in your team’s health and wellbeing has never been more of a priority. In today’s blog post we’ll be taking a look at why healthy people are key to a healthy business

For years, Health and Safety regulations in the workplace have taken precedent with the importance of these standards never being questioned. Risk assessments and compliance agreements have become the norm with the less formal concept of ‘wellbeing’ taking a back seat. Today, this attitude has expanded beyond physical health and takes more of a holistic approach.

With 8.2 million workdays in England being lost due mental health and stress related matters (Get Britain Standing). Studies suggest it is not just benefitting individuals but also the bottom line, with healthy employees having fewer sick days – something that costs Europe’s businesses 73 billion euros every year. Not surprisingly this figure has risen during the COVID-19 health crisis.

Positive wellbeing practises have not only become an essential for companies but is an aspect that future employees look for in their prospective roles. It is becoming non-negotiable and employees now expect companies to prioritise a healthy work life – with 85% of people believing that workplace health and wellbeing should be more of a priority at their company, and 57% of UK employees say they’d be happy to stay longer at a job if more was done to look after their wellbeing.

Improving your approach to wellbeing in the workplace will future proof your business. There are many ways that companies can develop their approach to a healthy workforce. Below are our top tips:

Physical Health

Physical wellness can encompass everything from exercise to sleep, food choices to workstation ergonomics. Implementing a strong physical wellness culture in the workplace will inevitability influence productivity. Actions could include promoting a positive lifestyle with healthier snacks in the office, minimising screen time and encouraging workplace stretching and exercises.

Work/Life Balance

Sustained pressure, stress, burnout and low morale are things to look out for in employees. Encourage teams to take a few minutes of their day to reflect and develop their healthier work habits.  This could include:

-Taking full lunch breaks

-Avoiding working at weekends

-Encourage exercise and attending social events

Senior Advocacy

Getting senior leaders on board with a healthier culture always helps with authenticity. When a leader speaks out about wellbeing and mental health it can have a huge impact, making others feel safe to talk about their health and smashing stereotypes.

Remember, good people are your biggest investments! Like a well-oiled machine, a healthy and happy team requires maintenance and care.

So, the real question is, what can you do and where can you start?
DSE Assessments are a good starting point. The assessment itself won’t transform your teams working environments, but it will provide you with recommendations for how to achieve it. Acting on these recommendations is what will make the difference to your teams and your business.

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