Introducing Sanni Bin – One of our latest SSP Winners!

The team at Natural Hygiene created, Sanni Bin. Sanni Bin is not just another feminine hygiene unit; it’s an eco-friendly, fully sustainable, flat-pack solution that is poised to revolutionize the way we handle feminine hygiene sanitary waste disposal. 

Who are SANNI BIN?

The team behind Sanni Bin have over 30  years extensive experience in the hygiene services sector both in Ireland and the UK. With their skills and expertise we have developed a new and innovative solution for feminine hygiene sanitary waste disposal, disrupting the hygiene services industry.​

“Create the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.”

What do Sanni Bin do?

During Covid Natural Hygiene took a step back from the fast pace of routine business activity and embraced the opportunity to reflect on innovative and sustainable new approaches to sanitary waste disposal, turning a potentially worrying experience into a positive for our business model , they recognised from our years in the hygiene services sector and liaising closely with our customers, that a desire existed for innovation and green solutions to the provision of feminine hygiene waste management services.​
Driven by this, they designed and developed Sanni Bin, an innovative, revolutionary and convenient solution that minimises environmental impact, reduces costs and supports our customers sustainability goals

why do they do it?

Natural Hygiene is on a mission to support change, providing businesses, organisations and institutions with eco-friendly and sustainable solutions for everyday hygiene products.​

Their collaboration with Smurfit Kappa allows us to participate in their Plastic to Paper initiatives, offering a huge opportunity to build brand awareness, whilst supporting our mission for change to a sustainable future​

They aim to reduce the cost and environmental impact of sanitary waste disposal while supporting customers and end users with sustainability and carbon reduction goals, whilst also aiming to develop charity and social partnerships to build awareness around feminine hygiene issues and give back to the community.

Such a unique product that Natural Hygiene have launched with Lyreco. Not only have they thought of the people that the product is used, by there is an education aspect as well as a reduction in Scope 3 emissions for our customers. Its great to work with them and look forward to seeing what lies in store with them over this year.

Andrew Bryers, Head of Sustainability, Lyreco UK & Ireland


“Natural Hygiene – Sanni Bin are delighted to be part Lyreco’s Supplier Support Programme 2024. We have a social value mission whereby we support change, by providing businesses’ and organisations with eco-friendly and sustainable solutions for everyday hygiene products.​

Lyreco stood out as the ideal partner for Sanni Bin because of their environmental and CSR credentials. We have been overwhelmed by the way Lyreco have embraced Sanni Bin, and our people, and by putting us forward for the SSP , it provides us access to unparalleled support and resources that will empower us to thrive and grow our business across Lyreco’s extensive customer base. We are very excited by our association with Lyreco and we very much see the Lyreco team as an extension of our family as we build established relationships far beyond the supplier support programme timeframe.​

The partnership with Lyreco and our participation in the SSP far exceeds our expectations and we are excited by the massive opportunity for Natural Hygiene – Sanni Bin to take our business to new heights.”