Simple steps you can take to make your home office as efficient as possible

Have you made the shift back to home working? Or just looking to refresh your workstation for the winter? Making your living space an efficient workspace can be a big task to tackle! Here are 5 essential tips to follow to make your home working space the right space for you…

Find the right space

Finding the right space to set up your office is the first and most important step, a simple quiet area with minimal distractions is the perfect place to start. Ideally, we recommend setting up your home office in a dedicated room such as a spare bedroom or vacant room. If, however you are unable to do so, there are a few tricks to separate your office area into a room by using movable partitions, shelves, a bookcase or even a curtain.

Don’t neglect lighting

Lighting is often overlooked when it comes to workspaces, even though it has a real impact on your well-being and fatigue. Natural light is the best source, be sure to make good use of a window in your room while avoiding potential reflections on your screen.

As the days are getting shorter, you will need to use a secondary light source in your home office. You can do this by using a desk lamp or main lamp in your room.

Identify suitable furniture

If you have the space, opt for a desk with a large top and integrated drawer to free up space and make room for your creativity.

If you are unable to free up room to create your own workspace, you can opt for a computer station that will allow you to set up your computer keyboard and mouse.

Whatever the space you have, there is one essential point that should not be overlooked: the choice of your office chair. When you’re focused on a task you can easily stay at your desk for several hours at a time without taking a break or getting up. Choosing a comfortable and ergonomic office chair that will provide the best possible support for your back and pelvis is essential to your set up.

Posture is much more than sitting, it’s about being perfectly placed physically in your working environments.

Decorate your space

Once your workspace is arranged and optimised, now comes the time to personalise your space and make it somewhere you enjoy working. Adding a few plants, family pictures and posters can be a great way to boost your morale and make your new workspace a creative and energising space to be in.

We hope these simple, yet effective steps will help set up your workstation in a creative, inspirational and ergonomic way. Remember though, when creating a workstation at home you’re not just stuck with what you’ve got. To help with your new set up, why not take a look at our dedicated homeworking solutions page and get your supplies delivered directly to your door, find out more by clicking here