Healthy Eating Week provides a valuable opportunity for both employees and employers to focus on nutrition and well-being in the workplace.

As we spend a significant portion of our lives at work, adopting healthy eating habits in this environment can have a profound impact on overall health, productivity and workplace wellness.[1] Here at Lyreco, we recently released a guide on providing a holistic approach to incorporating and enhancing wellness in the workplace. Following on from this, we are now going to explore the benefits of healthy eating, both from the perspective of employees and employers, and provide practical tips, benefits and solutions for incorporating nutritious wellness habits in the workday.


Prioritising nutrient-rich meals

Encourage employees to make mindful choices when planning meals for the workday. Opt for nutrient-dense foods like fruit, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats to provide sustained energy throughout the day.[2]

Snacking smart

Discuss the importance of choosing healthy snacks to avoid energy crashes and maintain focus. Suggest alternatives to traditional vending machine options, such as fresh fruit, nuts, yoghurt or granola bars.[3]

Hydration habits

Highlight the significance of staying hydrated during the workday. Remind employees to keep a water bottle at their desks and aim for a consistent intake of water to support overall well-being and cognitive function.[4]

Mindful eating practices

Encourage mindful eating by taking breaks away from the desk and savouring meals without distractions. This practice can enhance digestion, reduce stress and promote a healthier relationship with food.[5]

Meal prep tips

Share meal prepping ideas that make it easier for employees to maintain healthy eating habits at work. Preparing meals in advance can save time and ensure access to nutritious options throughout the week.[6]


Educational initiatives

Implement educational programs or workshops on nutrition and healthy eating. Provide employees with resources that empower them to make informed food choices and understand the link between nutrition and overall well-being.[7]

Healthy food options

Collaborate with the cafeteria or food service providers to ensure a variety of healthy and appealing food options are available at the workplace. Consider offering discounts on nutritious meals to incentivise healthier choices.[8]

Wellness challenges

Organise wellness challenges centred around healthy eating. This could involve friendly competitions, recipe exchanges or team activities that promote a culture of health and well-being.[9]

Nutritional policies

Develop and communicate workplace policies that support healthy eating, such as providing designated areas for employees to enjoy their meals away from their workstations or promoting a culture that encourages employees to take regular breaks for meals.[10]

Flexible breaks

Recognise the importance of breaks for employees to enjoy their meals. Encourage a workplace culture that values and respects employees’ need for breaks; fostering a positive environment that supports both physical and mental well-being.[11]

During Healthy Eating Week, let’s collectively commit to making positive changes in our workplace nutrition habits. Whether you’re an employee seeking to adopt healthier choices or an employer aiming to create a nourishing work environment, the benefit of prioritising healthy eating extends beyond the individual to impact the overall well-being and success of the entire workplace community. Together, let’s fuel success with a focus on nutritious choices and a workplace that values the health of its employees.


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