Lyreco Goodness Supplier Stories

Given today’s countless unsolved global challenges, shaping sustainable development, and enhancing social responsibility is one of Lyreco’s most critical goals. We want to lead our industry on these agendas and strive to have a positive impact making economic, social, environmental, and cultural responsibilities a priority.

Commitments to CSR and sustainability objectives flows through everything we do, even shaping the selection of the suppliers that we work with. We want to continue to ensure that those who work with us, have a part to play in building a sustainable and socially responsible future. That’s why all our current and future suppliers are chosen because of their integration of sustainability goals, their pledge to minimise their global impact and their dedication to the core values and targets that makes up Lyreco Goodness. From the resources that go into their product manufacturing to closing the loop and reusing the packaging their product comes in, they are demonstrating how their behaviour can have an overall more sustainable approach.

One of our many aims is to be transparent with our customers, prompting them to purchase sustainable alternatives for their workplace where possible. By supporting our suppliers’ sustainable and socially responsible initiatives and establishing their commitments are in line and as focused as our own allows us to assure our customers they are buying the most sustainable, ethical, and responsible sourced product or service on the market.

Our fantastic suppliers have shown true assurance of sustainability led initiatives, demonstrating some great examples of their Goodness work in practise. From fundraising campaigns, to product developments dedicated to helping the recovery from Covid-19; we are proud of our product partners.

Here are just some of these inspiring initiatives:


British Rototherm Goodness Story

One of our key PPE suppliers British Rototherm (based in Port Talbot, Wales) supported the UK Government in the production of high-grade face coverings and masks for front line NHS workers. The National Procurement Service worked with Lyreco, British Rototherm (RotoMedical) and Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) to manufacture and distribute face covers to school children throughout Wales. British Rototherm only supply Lyreco and the NHS, so that all our face masks are manufactured in the UK, compared to a majority of other face mask being manufactured in China.


Essity Goodness Story

Essity (Tork) started donating products to In Kind Direct in 2002. Now 1,257 charitable organisations across the country have benefited from product donations so far this year.

“We started to put together a small bag of hygiene and household supplies, which people are genuinely thrilled to receive with the food parcels. Tork’s generosity meant that we could help each one of our food bank recipients with toilet paper. It is toilet roll, but it actually makes such a difference!” Mesopotamia – Family Welfare, Nottingham

Unigloves recycling programme Goodness Story

Unigloves work in partnership with Ellie’s Fund (Yorkshire Brain Tumor Trust) and Terracycle to offer a recycling programme.  Gloves are posted to Ellie’s Fund the product is then sent to Terracycle where it is washed, freeze dried and crushed to be made into new products such as children’s slides, tables, benches, watering cans etc.  These products can effectively then be recycled over and over again therefore never reaching landfill.

Newell/ Rubbermaid Goodness Story

Businesses face major challenges when it comes to recycling. RCP’s (Rubbermaid Commercial Products) award-winning Love Recycling Program is dedicated to the uptake and improvement in commercial recycling and waste management and, working with Lyreco, has already started to support businesses to improve their recycling efforts. Not only have they created free resources that aid businesses in implementing effective recycling, but they help businesses take control of their own waste management through durable, quality solutions that protect the environment.

In 2021, RCP launched an online audit tool that helps businesses get a firmer understanding of how they can recycle more and save money on their current waste provision.

Ocee Design Take Back Scheme Goodness Story

Ocee Design (one of Lyreco’s main furniture suppliers) know they have a responsibility for the creation of furniture waste at the end of a products life. In the UK they offer a Take Back Scheme, which focuses on collecting furniture that has reached its end-of-life with users to avoid it going to landfill or being disposed of early within its lifespan. These products will be redistributed to groups in need around the UK. There are over 1000 groups on this portal that can receive these products for free. This supports removing furniture out of the waste stream for as long as possible. Customers will receive a breakdown of the carbon and financial savings from utilising this service.

Restore Goodness Story

Last year, one of our suppliers Restore raised more than £1.6m worth of gifts that the Mission Christmas team collected and distributed to 42,420 kids across the ten boroughs of Greater Manchester. This year, the appeal will be more important than ever. As COVID-19 affects employment and household incomes everywhere, this will push many more families into poverty, so Mission Christmas is aiming to bring not just a gift to all the children in need, but the gift of hope and the feeling that we care.

We hope that by sharing these stories it can inspire others in the industry to place sustainability objectives at the top of their agenda. Small actions can make a big difference and while some organisations do their bit for people, planet and our communities’ other companies need not be far behind. These stories showcase the hard work from our suppliers small to large who all work towards a shared goal. We are proud to work with all those who recognise the importance of substantiality, want to make a difference to their legacy and embody all that Lyreco Goodness represents

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