Introducing Innovative Safety Products for 2023/24

Welcome to an exciting new array of safety products! In our relentless pursuit of providing top-tier safety solutions, we’re thrilled to announce a line-up of advanced additions to our 2023/24 range. These products are carefully selected to meet the evolving needs of various industries, ensuring your safety and sustainability preferences are met without compromise.


Let’s start from the ground up – with your feet. We’re proud to introduce V12 footwear as our newest supplier, bringing with them not just quality but innovation. Our standout addition is the Lynx boot, a fully carbon-neutral safety boot – an industry first. Taking strides toward a greener future, we also have the Mukguard Reusable Overshoe, an eco-friendly alternative to disposable overshoes.

For environments where static build-up can be perilous, meet the Torque ESD Safety Boot, available in both male and female sizes. This boot boasts a lower Contact Resistance threshold compared to Anti-static footwear, making it a crucial choice, especially when working with sensitive electronic components.

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Hand Protection – Gloves That Do More

Our hand protection range just got an upgrade. We’ve partnered with Globus to offer you an astounding 44 new styles of gloves, including their innovative Skytec Eco Range. These gloves, aptly named after metals like Nickel, Chrome, Copper, Iridium, Rhodium, and Bronze, are designed with eco-friendliness in mind. Crafted from the equivalent of one recycled plastic bottle, they bear the Recycled Claim Standard, assuring you of their environmentally responsible origins. These gloves cater to various needs, from general handling to cut protection and cold protection.

We’ve also expanded our line of accelerator-free disposable gloves, prioritising the well-being of healthcare and dentistry workers. These gloves use the same raw materials as regular nitrile gloves but skip the chemical accelerants, ensuring they are kinder to the skin and the environment. An important factor with contact dermatitis accounting for 90-95% of all cases of occupational skin disease.

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Site Safety – Signs and Spills Managed Responsibly

We also have a strong ongoing commitment to site safety. Collaborating with Spectrum Industrial, we’ve added 450+ new signage products, covering everything from Road Traffic to Fire Action signs. But that’s not all; we’ve also introduced a sustainable range of spill containment solutions from Eco Spill. The Ecopad, made from sustainably managed garments, represents an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice for absorbing oil spills. This innovative process ensures no toxic pesticides, synthetic fertilisers, or GMOs are involved.

To add to this, Lyreco is exclusively offering the new Blue Diamond sustainable matting. The Eco Brush and Eco Ground mats are both made from recycled materials. The Eco Ground mat can withstand the toughest conditions, boasting excellent slip resistance and anti-fatigue properties. Meanwhile, the Eco Brush, with its unique design, is perfect for trapping dirt, making it ideal for indoor use in various settings.

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Above The Neck – Total Protection and Compatibility

Safety above the neck is just as crucial. Enter the PowerCap Infinity TH3 Powered Air Purifying Respirator, a 4-in-1 solution that reduces the need for additional PPE. Now available in sleek black, it combines a safety helmet, impact visor, and more for comprehensive protection.

In today’s workplaces, using multiple types of above-the-neck PPE is common. Compatibility is crucial, as ill-fitting, or non-compatible gear not only causes discomfort but also compromises protection. The fact that products fit together doesn’t always mean they should. With that, we’ve introduced a range of Centurion Safety and JSP accessories to ensure your PPE fits seamlessly together.

We’ve introduced Centurion Sana helmet-mounted ear defenders in three ratings (SNR 25, 30, and 34), compatible with all Centurion Helmets and face protection. For JSP helmets, we offer a high-visibility neck cape compatible with the Evo range, providing UPF50 sun protection and waterproofing. These are just a couple of the available accessories.

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First Aid – Meeting Compliance Standards

In our commitment to comprehensive safety, we now offer HSA (Health and Safety Authority) First Aid Kits to assist our Irish customers in reaching 100% first aid compliance, in addition to our UK-compliant kits. These HSA kits, recognised as the standard in Ireland, include essential items such as Eye Wash, a Pocket Face mask for CPR, and extra-large dressings.

In addition, our Aura Point Systems simplify regulatory compliance with a modular solution that ensures you have everything you need at your fingertips. This system provides tidy storage and easy recognition of products, ensuring you’re well-prepared to meet your regulatory requirements.

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Workwear – Sustainable, Women-Centric, and Flame-Resistant

Our workwear range has seen significant expansion too, with over two-thirds now classified as sustainable. The 7 new ‘Eco Viz’ styles from Leo Workwear not only prioritise eco-friendly materials but also adhere to EN ISO 20471 standards. This means we now offer an impressive selection of 60 Eco Viz options all classed as sustainable. These additions include a Class 2 Zip Waistcoat to enhance visibility in railway environments and a Class 3 Anorak, offering top-tier visibility and waterproofing which conforms to the newly established EN 343 4-4 classification.

Acknowledging the growing presence of women in the construction industry, where they now make up at least 15% of the workforce, we have taken a proactive step by expanding our range of ladies’ fit workwear. With new additions from Leo Workwear and Orn, ill-fitting PPE is now a thing of the past, as we proudly offer 25 specialised ranges tailored specifically for women. But that’s not all. We’re delighted to introduce flame-resistant clothing from Portwest, bridging a crucial gap in our offerings and ensuring your safety in demanding environments.

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This is just a glimpse of the great products we have to offer. To explore the full range of new PPE & Safety solutions, take a look at our brochure.