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Lyreco’s fast reimplementation supports the University of Greenwich’s supply and delivery processes

Partner Case Study: University of Greenwich

Lyreco’s seamless reimplementation provides product cost and back office savings to the University of Greenwich while ensuring speedy and reliable next-day deliveries — all within a two-week time frame.

The challenge

With 20,000 enrolled students – 5,000 of them living across their three campuses – the University of Greenwich needed a reliable supplier.

The University of Greenwich had worked with Lyreco in the past, and new challenges prompted the university to get back in touch. 

The University of Greenwich reached out to Lyreco under the Universities Purchasing Consortium (LUPC) framework to resolve the supply, delivery and invoicing issues they were experiencing while working under their previous supplier. The revival of the University of Greenwich and Lyreco partnership presented a further challenge – the requirement of carrying out reimplementation in a very short two week period.

The solution

The University of Greenwich needed quick reimplementation to see supply, delivery and invoicing issues solved. By reappointing Lyreco as their main supplier, this task was carried out swiftly. Thanks to historical accounts already set up, all issues were resolved by the end of the two-week reimplementation period.

Deliveries were previously carried out internally, resulting in time inefficiencies. Service issues were resolved with the introduction of next-day delivery, reducing back office costs and positively impacting staff productivity.

Lyreco took the relationship to the next level with our personalised approach to deliveries. Within the two-week reimplementation period, Lyreco carried out deliveries across all three campuses, allowing Lyreco to understand the various delivery challenges and familiarise themselves with the university locations.

The results

By carrying out a very quick and accurate reimplementation, Lyreco’s solution resulted in direct product cost savings and resolved service issues thanks to reliable next-day delivery. This also reflected on back office costs as the University of Greenwich team now had time to focus on other tasks. End-user friction was reduced thanks to the Lyreco WebShop which allows for the entire process – from ordering to delivery – to be carried out within 24 hours.

We reappointed Lyreco as our main supplier and they were fantastic at the reimplementation. The speed of implementation was very impressive – executed in two weeks.

University of Greenwich

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