Announcing our 2024 Charity Partners

We are thrilled to announce our charity partners for 2024, each chosen for their remarkable contributions to society and alignment with our values of community support and social responsibility.

This year, we are proud to partner with Meals & More, The Hygiene Bank, Lingen Davies, Air Ambulance UK, and we will continue our support for Pieta and Lyreco for Education.

meals & more

Meals & More is on a mission to combat food insecurity by providing nutritious meals to those in need, particularly during school holidays when children may miss out on their school meals. Their work is vital in ensuring that no child goes hungry and that families facing hardship have access to healthy food.

Speaking about the partnership they said.

“The trustees and team at Meals & More are delighted that Lyreco have chosen to support the charity and the work that we do, in that Meals & More provides support to children who live with poverty and social isolation and have limited access to adequate food provision and activity throughout school holiday periods. We welcome Lyreco as one of our corporate support partners especially as their values are aligned to ours as a charity that has supported thousands of children each year in areas of need.”

the hygiene bank

The Hygiene Bank is dedicated to tackling hygiene poverty, distributing essential products to those unable to afford them. Their efforts ensure dignity and well-being for individuals and families in vulnerable situations, promoting social inclusion and community health.

Speaking about the partnership they said.

“I am thrilled that Lyreco has chosen The Hygiene Bank as their Charity of the Year for the next two years. This collaboration exemplifies the belief that businesses can be a force for good, and we are very excited to embark together on this journey to create a meaningful difference in the lives of thousands of people in the UK who are living in hygiene poverty. Together, we are not just fighting hygiene poverty but also empowering positive change.” Ruth Brock, CEO at The Hygiene Bank.

lingen davies

Lingen Davies focuses on making a difference in cancer care, offering support, resources, and comfort to patients and their families. Their work is a testament to the power of community in providing care beyond medical treatment, touching lives during challenging times.

Speaking about the partnership they said.

“We’re absolutely thrilled that Lyreco has chosen Lingen Davies as one of its charity partners this year. We support patients and cancer services for people throughout Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin, and Mid Wales, we exist to make life just that little bit easier for those going through treatment and living beyond”  Helen Knight, Head of Fundraising 


Air Ambulance UK provides rapid, life-saving medical interventions for critical situations. Their swift response and expert medical care in emergencies can be the difference between life and death, showcasing the importance of immediate medical support.

Speaking about the partnership they said.

“We are thrilled and very thankful to be one of the four charities selected by Lyreco. Air ambulance charities are collectively dispatched to over 107 lifesaving missions each day across the UK, delivering advanced pre-hospital care to people with a sudden life-threatening injury or illness, saving lives and improving patient outcomes. Each lifesaving mission by air costs on average £4,510 and are funded almost entirely by donations. We look forward to showcasing the impactful outcomes of our partnership with Lyreco and we are thankful that the partnership will help air ambulance charities to save even more lives.”  Simmy Akhtar, AAUK CEO

Find out more about Pieta and Lyreco for Education here.

Through multiple initiatives and leveraging our volunteering policy, we will enable employees to contribute meaningfully to these charitable partners.

Beyond individual volunteer efforts, we will organise company-wide events aimed at fundraising, awareness campaigns, and direct support activities tailored to the specific needs of each partner. Through these collective efforts, we aim to amplify the remarkable work of our charity partners and reinforce our commitment to making a tangible difference in the communities we serve.

By aligning our efforts, we at Lyreco are not just contributing resources but are actively participating in the creation of a more equitable, compassionate world. It’s a reflection of our belief that businesses have the power and responsibility to effect positive change in society, and we are honoured to embark on this journey with our partners, employees, and the communities we serve.