Select the correct lenses when working outdoors using the Riley Lens vs Light Program.

Selecting the right safety eyewear lenses can be a perplexing experience, often overwhelmed with a…

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Department for Business & Trade

UK Government Announces Extension to the Recognition of CE Marking

Today, the Department for Business and Trade has announced an indefinite extension for the use…

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Protecting Your Workforce: The Crucial Role of UV Protection in the Workplace

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to overlook the potential dangers posed by everyday hazards…

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Enhancing Workplace Safety: Exploring High Visibility PPE Colours

Ensuring workplace safety is paramount, especially in industries where visibility is a concern. High Visibility…

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The Importance of Women's PPE and Workwear

Empowering Women in the Workplace: The Importance of Women’s PPE

At Lyreco UK & Ireland, we believe in creating safe and inclusive work environments where…

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Understanding Allergic Reactions and Skin Irritation from Gloves

Allergic reactions and skin irritations can occur due to prolonged use of gloves. These side…

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A Guided Tour to Lyreco Safety

Your Guide to Lyreco Safety

Lyreco is here to simplify safety. Working with industry-leading suppliers, our team of safety experts…

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Welcome to Lyreco Safety

Introducing Lyreco Safety Your New Destination for Safety

At Lyreco, we believe that safety expertise should be accessible to all businesses, that’s why…

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Meet Our Safety Team: Forging their own path

This year’s International Women’s Day theme focuses on the theme #EmbraceEquity. As a company that…

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